Thursday, August 28, 2014 – Summer Tournament Finale

Last night was the end to a hugely successful summer tournament. Congrats to the Farts for some great play. We are looking forward to next year.

All of the photos are found here.


Congrats to the Farts.
Sir Richard Brownjohn even made an appearance last night at the fields.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last night was another day of success for all! We had an excellent showing of all sides, the teams are really showing a much more advanced understanding of the game, realizing how it is truly a different sport, and something that they can continue to enjoy throughout the year.

Terry will have to update us with all the scoring, but we had some good plays going on. Though we did let disorder kind of dominate the day, where we forgot to use our basics banging up the middle and then producing overloads. Didn’t really take advantage of the wide wings, and were a bit sloppy on the pick ups and passing. But hey, everyday can’t be perfect. There was a solid showing of the Rat Bastards with Kill as always at the helm of the reffing, John kicked in to help along with boys from the Reds/Darc to appreciation of all. Terry kept things moving, and got a run himself, which Kill was also able to tear it up. Justin, Struan, Sean, Greg, Charl, John, Nico and a ghost from the past our good friend Al were some of the players there, to a total of about 14 Rat Bastards, where we were doing full six swops. Christine our team ambassador was there, mixing it up with the teams and flaunting her skills, from the sidelines was heard “man, that girl is a firecracker!”. There is a rumor that we aren’t losing her after all, so another reason to celebrate next thursday.

Talking with John, he is going to look to slip in more technique drills on our fundays, so that we can brush up on the basics and learn new things. We have newer additions that haven’t had the advantage of his drills, so I believe the learning and polishing will be welcomed by all. It was also great fun to hear his stories of Enoch and his first days. Man does he have his hands full with that boy! 🙂

John is going to set up a game with Houston, which we were talking about making it into a Micro-Tourney so we can invite the teams that have joined us this summer, and give Houston the opportunity to prep for the nationals. Lets all give him the support needed to make it happen.

The social was a smash, as we are getting used to having lots of people, great conversations and an overall contagious excitement on where the club is today, and how we can take advantage of the momentum this tourney has created for all of us.

We all enjoyed hanging out with the younger version of Joe, it was like drinking in a time warp with Chris (Joe, you definitely can’t deny that one). Sean and his Beau were there to share, Tina, Tige, Nate and Dodgey were missed as they are of the usuals that we have become accustomed to seeing there. But Terry, Kill, Frank, Charle, Greg, Al, John and some of the Red’s/Darc boys along with their lovely lady were there to keep the spirits flowing. Kane, Eric and Chris didn’t show, no hall passes for them, too bad, as the speed and spirit were missed. Remember, if you can’t make it to play, try to make it to the social, it is always good to see everybody and catch up!

Ideas bounced around for our trophy this coming week. We were brainstorming on the possibility of a set of long horns with a powerful magnet (Terry – please look into it), so that the winners can pull out showcasing their victory with the horns on their hood. it would be something fun to put together, so if anybody has a set of horns lying around (or knows where to get some cheap), or a jackalobe could work too, please let me know so we can put this together in the next few days.

Look forward to seeing everybody Sunday!



All of the photos are found here.


Last man standing.
Definitely no zombies this week.
Ball Ball Ball!

Highlighted Photos – Thursday, Aug 14, 2014

I didn’t want to infringe upon Joaquin’s writeup in the previous post, so I decided to have a separate article which highlights some of my favorite photos from the night.

The conditions were less than ideal for quality photography, but the intensity of play gave me a lot of excellent material to work with.


All of the photos are found here.

The face is awesome. But, if he had actually looked where he was passing the ball, it wouldn’t be nearly as good of a photo. You need to go look at all of the photos to find out if it the pass was successfully caught.
Tige, are we playing basketball of touch rugby?
Good defensive position. Hips dropped and under control.
Run for your life, there are zombies on the field!
Excuse me, I think the mark is back there.
Erik, does that dance move have a name yet?
I think Brad just grew a few inches.
John, is it the yellow shirt?
Don’t feel bad, it happens often when going up against Christen.
Enosh was definitely looking where he passed.
Good way to finish off the night.