We’re Dallas Touch!

Everyone is welcome.

Dallas Touch plays open pick-up games according the schedule below.


Sunday:  Lake Highlands @10:00am


Monday:  N/A

Tuesday:  N/A

Wednesday:  Lake Highlands @7:00pm

Thursday:  N/A

Friday:  N/A

Saturday:  N/A


If you are new to Dallas Touch, on Sunday, we say we are starting at 10:00 am. However, that doesn’t mean we start at that time. People will show up anywhere between 10:00 and 11:00. For your first day introduction, I would suggest showing up between 10:30 and 10:45. We play till at least noon. Usually longer.

We attempt to play on the same field every Sunday. This is at the corner of Buckner and Lake Highlands. If rain has fallen from the sky, it is possible that we changed locations to our backup field. This field is located at McCree Park.


We play with a strict adherence to the FIT rules (Federation of International Touch) which means 6 players aside. We usually play without any officiating, but don’t be surprised if an official is sporadically on the field. (Officials like playing the sport too.)

Everyone of any age is welcome. We are also willing to teach anyone the game. (As long as you’re willing to learn.)


If you have questions or looking for more information:

Tige Bailey (foreground)

Tige Bailey

2 thoughts on “We’re Dallas Touch!”

  1. I’m new to rugby but really enjoy it. I’m hoping to learn more and become a better player.
    See you all today.

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