Sunday, January17, 2016

You are probably getting tired of hearing me say, “What a day!” The highlight of the day for me was seeing all of the women there today playing on 1 side. We had 5 women and 1 man playing against 5 men. It wasn’t completely lopsided. The men did their best to keep up. It was a really close game.

Now that there consistently a regular occurrence of about 30 or more people, we are able to have more than 1 game going. Actually, today we had 2 full games plus a training session happening at the same time! We started playing at 10:15 this morning and didn’t finish until 12:45pm. Lots of smiles all the way around.

Keep in mind that next week is the annual general meeting for the club. It will take place after we’re done playing for the day. It depends upon the weather if we do it at the field or at a location that serves beverages.

In order to vote your voice at the general meeting next week, you will need to have paid your dues. You can pay at any time prior to the meeting. Checks, cash, bitcoin, and credit card are all welcome.

Don’t Stop


All of the photos are found here.

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