Saturday, December 12, 2015 – Houston Tournament

Dallas Touch had 15 players travel to Houston this past weekend. Two of our players supported the Austin side and the other 13 players represented Dallas Touch. They were all practiced up for 4 man’s, Franco’s, Flamingo’s, and Quickies. The team ran against 4 different teams from Houston, 1 team from Austin, and 1 team from New Orleans.

The plan for the day was to drive the ball up the field and then break into some goal line plays. They were following this long term strategy to the letter. Almost too robotically. That is because everyone was consciously thinking about what plays they were supposed to run. This style of play resulted in the team not making many mistakes, but also not scoring as much as they could. Over time, this style of play will become subconscious and less robotic. Even though the style of play was a little rigid, the team still got plenty of positive comments on its quality of play from some of the Houston players.

Everyone was happy with the weather, too. The thunderstorms were threatening all day, but held off till later that evening. During the drive home, Kill mentioned that he saw tornado damage just south of New Waverly, TX. It took off the end of a building and overturned an RV at a dealership on the east side of I-45.

Following the success on-field, the team continued its dominance on the wet sand. The social afterward was held at the Crowbar on Wakefield. This is a sand volleyball venue and the team didn’t let a volleyball net get in the way of a legendary team building exercise! Dodgeball!

For some awesomely ridiculous reason, Enosh thought that a game of dodgeball would be fun. It started off with  3 on 3 and then morphed into almost the entire Dallas team getting in on it. After everyone throwing their shoulders out playing dodgeball, Katie thought it would be a good idea to go get a rugby ball. Can anyone guess where this went? Nope, not a game of touch on the sand. It was a game of coed RUGBY on the sand! And, these are the same people who went back to the hotel after the tournament for a shower.

The club can’t send people to a tournament without some memorable events…

1. Struan getting mad at the soccer goal and punishing it with the back of his head.
2. Toni setting things straight with the hit of the day against one of the Japan players.
3. Will being a buzz-kill at the Crowbar by sending the ball over the fence.
4. Greg Herring having a birthday on the same day that we go to a touch tournament.
5. Something about a quickie at Parkland.
6. Struan buying new canopies for the club that had bent legs on them.

For those who missed the fun, the club is planning on sending people to Ft. Lauderdale in February and the Cayman Islands coming up next year too. Plenty of fun to be had! See you in the sand.

Best of photos found here.

All 148 photos found here.

Birthday Boy

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