Sunday, October 4, 2015

Clear skies, sunny days, and cooler temperatures. I think the 100+°F days are over for the year and we are all thankful!

IMG_0026We started playing touch at about 09:45 this morning and our numbers quickly grew! By 10:30 we were running two full fields with a couple of subs and everyone was having a good time. The total count was about 36 people throughout the day. It was great to see the regulars as well as a few old faces. James and Will graciously bore the brunt of their country’s world cup exit. We had a few new people out too. They jumped straight in a picked up the basics well.

The games were quick and flowed well. We didn’t need refs and everyone was playing an honest game. Able continued to show his dedication to making the touch with those extra long limbs and graceful dives. Shaq was a new guy who has a football background. His cuts were solid and he managed to get around defense of catch anyone trying to get around him. The rest of us played some strong touch which resulted in many tries throughout the day.

After touch we settled down in our chairs and enjoyed a beverage. The soccer guys were putting on a fundraise with some good Mexican food. Terry, Joe and their interpreter (Jose) went over for the food and were kind enough to share their spoils.

The social then went to the club house (Hoosh’s place) where games from the rugby world cup were on. Food was just as plentiful as the laughs we all shared.

We are officially moving Sunday morning touch to a 10:00am start next week. We will send out a reminder later in the week.

Have a great week and we’ll see you at the field then!


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