Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Highlands field hosted a great day of touch! The field is lush and nicely painted. All the construction is surely paying off.

We had about 20 people come out and join us for some training and social touch. It was great to see a couple of the Quinn’s guys come out and have a run! The day started off with four on four to warm up while a few more people were getting ready. We ran 5m plays and stressed the importance of communication.

The social touch started about 1045 and went on until noon. It was hot and the water breaks were frequent. But we were always prepared to get back up and continue on with the game we love. Carl scored a few tries on the sideline and earned the new nickname of “twinkle feet.”

After the game we found the shade and enjoyed the food that Tige prepared. Kathleen and Liz provided some more snacks and beverages that were much appreciated.

Today was Aaron’s last run with us. We have enjoyed having him around and on the field with us. He leaves us to return to Minnesota. As with all of our expats, we hope to see him again at one of the many tournaments around the country.

Training will continue this Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

A reminder for Touch Fest: Kick off is at 1000am. We would appreciate help in setting up, so if you can, try and be at Lake Highlands at 0800am to begin a great day of touch!


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