Sunday, August 9, 2015

All 32 of the photos are found here.

Well, it was hot, but the shade was nice! 40 people came out today despite the bright ball of gas in the sky radiating immense heat.

Kill set up the field with cones just as a little kid was picking them up almost right behind him for something to play with. Kill chased the poor little guy off and restored all order. It seemed as if everyone was lethargic this morning as we weren’t running full teams until about 930am. Must’ve been the heat!

We had a few new people out which was good to as always! Fernando saw us on MeetUp, and Lisa and Liz heard about out through Hashing by Joe. They did well and we are hoping they come out regularly.

There were a good mix of different plays. Three man, bangers, sweeper, push pull, and various defense manipulation plays. Again, we all saw the benefits of communication within the team. It was usual to be close to the 5m line on touch 3. A great place to be and it showed the effectiveness of these plays.

The usual first to three game concluded today’s touch right around noon. The YMCA were helping to get kids into rugby and their session started right around noon. Each of the kids received a rugby ball thanks to Texas Rugby which is a great way to introduce the sport. Beverages were reserved for the lake house were we ate some good food and consumed some good beer.

See you out Thursday for the conclusion of our summer touch comp!


Is Joe attempting to read the label on the ball?

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