Sunday, August 2, 2015

The countdown to nationals begins!

We were running plays around 0900am with Kill showing us how to manipulate the defense and create pockets. Coach John ran us through the basic 5m plays and then we focused on bangers. This is our basic bread and butter stuff that we should never get tired of practicing.

The recreational touch game started around 0945 and we ended up having a little over 30 people come out. The temperatures were high, but we were fortunate to have a slight breeze to keep us a little cooler.

It was great to see the usuals and some newer faces too. Tim and Greg came out and have really caught onto touch well. Donald was the new Brit in town and he adjusted his 15’s game, learned bangers,  and was a valuable member of his team.

We were running 2 fields for the most part of the day until the heat made the shade too comfortable. E took a slight fall after jumping for the ball and then he slid off Joey to the ground. The catch was very nice and he recovered just as well afterwards. The day ended right around 1215 and it was well deserved after about 3 hours of running in the sun. The beverages were cracked open and we all had a good time.

A couple of reminders:

The summer competition will end August 13th. Thanks for coming out early last week. Try and do the same for next few weeks!

Touch Fest is on August 22nd. I am always looking for people to help up with setting this event up! Please share the flier on facebook! If you can make it on the day, come out at 0800am to help set up tents and have a good time doing it. Able will be the DJ, so forward any request to him.

The reds sevens are still raising money for their nationals. You can donate here: We will be handing the donations over on the 7th August. So far we have raised $140 for them! Please consider donating if you can.

Have a great week!


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