Sunday, July 19, 2015

What a beautiful day, but boy it was hot! The temperature was in the low 90s but the heat index was around 97. There was also no breeze which made our water breaks almost as sweaty as our play!

We were running full teams by about 0930. The ball quickly became slippery which led to Albano being happy to throw the ball away. Kill came with his camera and took photos of our sunning rugby models before jumping in as ref. We decided we needed to work on scooping the ball up quickly after a touch. As such, Kill began calling a penalty when the ball was on the ground for more than one second. This came with a little resistance, but it did really improve our game. We remembered to always play to the ref and the game speed quickly picked up.

We had some quick guys out today. Thanks to Kevin, Will, and Mike who came out and happily played to the ref. There were some good breakaways, some marginal tries, a few off sides, but we all had fun and that’s all the matters.

We played until about noon when the final first to 3 game concluded. Aaron did a great job of scoring 2 of the 3 tries and Hammer wrapped it up with a slight dive for try to avoid Able’s long reach.

Afterwards the drinks flowed as we attempted to cool down. Fil brought some Pickle Juice for us to try. It is appreatly great for preventing cramps, so if you’re cramping now, be sure to check it out.

Thanks to everyone that braved the heat! See you all Thursday and Sunday! Have a great week!

Kane Cairncross.



Just an addendum to Kane’s fine write up, which was written and published before Tige finished cooking his first hot dog!

After the usual final “Championship of the World” warrior match in the blistering heat to end the day’s competition, we retired to the shade where we resumed up our weekly worst joke competition. Abel remains victorious. He gets more moans and crickets than the rest of us. As we cooled down with refreshing beverages, the group convinced Tige to break out his grill. Once we got it all set up and smoking, someone rewarded Tige by knocking over his brewski. He persevered and grilled up some of the finest dogs and fried jalapeno bologna ever. We stayed as long as we could as the breeze picked up talking about people who weren’t there and wonderful afternoon naps in the very near future. Thanks to our friends for such a wonderful day.

–Joe Kelly

All of the photos are found here.

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