Sunday, June 21, 2015

The persistent wet weather will not keep us down! Our day started of with a quick field change due to the overnight rain. Norbuck park was the field of the day since the it shed the water the best. The field was marked as well as it could be and the long grass helped us all run harder as we fought through it.

We were out running by about 0920 as people made the run from Lake Highlands to Norbuck. We had about 26 people out which is a great number considering the sleep in type of weather we had. It was great to see a lot more ladies come out. They could’ve made their own team and done well! By 1000 we had 4 teams and were swapping both teams out in order to keep everyone running. We definitely missed having the space of Lake Highlands today.

The level of touch played today was great! We were lucky to have people volunteer as ref which always tightens our game. Thanks Joe, Hoosh, Tige, and Dodgy. During offense, the ball would only be on the ground for a very short time. It was common for each team to push the defense all the way back to the try line. The 5 meter play is improving and it’s good to see a lot more people learning the plays and drawing defense off the line.

Touch ended about 1200 and the usual escapades began. The Lakehouse was the location for a few drinks and much deserved food.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,


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