Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ah, the cloud coverage was great! Temperatures were in the 80s which made it a great day for a run! The field was set up at 0900 and we were pretty much running from 0915. Thanks to everyone that arrived at 0900 and didn’t leave me hanging!

About 30 people came out and we were running two fields by 1030. We moved to field 3 for our booking and the soccer guys were really good about getting off the field in time. Field 3 is not as nice as field 1 with some muddy/sandy areas right in the center of the field. We marked our cones accordingly to avoid that area.

A couple of new/old people came out including Joe and Joe (father and son) who had some good speed and an impressive cut. They definitely kept us regulars on guard. There were some great plays throughout the day including some great team support on a breakaway and a good team effort try scored by Anne and Chris. Anne had the try in the bag but felt that teamwork should be rewarded and passed the ball which resulted in the try.

After 3 hours of running, coach John ran a new play with anyone that wanted to learn. The wave is where the bangers draw the defenses’ middles out to the wings and once there is enough space, the dummy will run through the middle of the field where the next banger will support and take the try. Another play to add to our playbook!

We all convened at The Lakehouse afterwards to have a surprise party for John. John almost didn’t make it after working late the night before and having to pick stuff up from Dodgys. E and Anna were able to steer him in the right direction and they came to a good gathering of great people.

Remember the summer touch competition starts Thursday!

Have a great week!

Kane Cairncross.


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