Sunday, May 10, 2015 – Kane

Well, that was a lot of fun! Perhaps the only opportunity this year to dive for the try line and not get hurt.

11 brave souls dogdged the Texas rumbler thunderstorms and made it out to Carrollton for a great round of touch. The high rolling rat bastards were a little too afraid to start diving in the mud right off the bat so we started the day off with some forceback to introduce us to the puddles and mud. The intense touch game started once we were all ready.

Organisation is key to performing well and both sides played a well organised game. Bangers were frequent and defense was good at getting back 5 meters. Able started the diving off sorcing an excellent try after getting away from the defense. It didn’t take the rest of us too long to get soaked as we slid for the try line. Joe continually threw the ball away making his own team think that Able’s beer bribe actually worked.

It was good to see Greg and Dan out. The rest of us were just the regulars that are starting to stink and take after Terry by acting like statues. I think we were all in agreement in saying that today’s game was one of the most fun games of the year. The game ended with a first to 3 round as usual and right around noon it was off to Joe’s for some continued celebration.

The mother’s day lunch was great. They will be going long into the evening. There were some many people from all walks of life and they were all very social. A hash group was there which seems like a great social activity. From my understanding, a “Hare” leads the group on a maze and then the rest of the group runs to solve the maze and find the beer that is at the end. They sing songs along the way and have a good time. Just another social activity that ends up in drinking beer.

Enjoy your week and try and make it out Wednesday if you can!


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