Sunday, March 8, 2015

What a great day yesterday!  Norbuck once again proved to be a great option when weather forces a change of venue.  Dodge said it best when he commented that Norbuck felt “cozy”.  I was impressed to see so many show up and on time for a wet morning.  The rain was misting when we started but stopped for most of the morning.  James felt absolutely at home with the overcast skies and wet grass. I think we were all lucky he didn’t break into “God save the Queen” as a preamble to the run.  We were also lucky that Hoosh and Kane found the pitch.  At one point Kane was asking me about directions and which way was North and I immediately felt safer about flying with him…..

We had a great turn out.   Kara, who had run with us several years ago?, was out and did a great job. Hard to tell she had missed a Sunday.  Mindy and Bill continue to impress both on the pitch and during the social after.  Anne, as always, had great hands and a new nick name(Biscuit). She did say that if people started calling her that she would have to quit so keep that in mind if we ever need to “send a message”.

Hammer made it out and ran well giving some valuable tips to the new folks and scoring in the corner on a great move down the side lines.  Scott and his orange shoes were there as fast as ever on the wing and just in time to make it a true Sunday Funday six on six with a sub the Griffins (John and E) rolled up.  Was great to see E again, he’s heads out to Touch World cup very soon.  Please visit his fundraising site and donate what you can to help him make the trip.

Also, congratulations to John Griffin!  The new head coach of Alliance Rugby.  This Tuesday night they are having a social at TopGolf in the Colony.  Bays are $40 an hour and pool and shuffle board are free.  Drink specials and are in effect and Girlfriends and Wives are welcome.  Give a show of support and do a bit of recruiting if you can.

We topped the Sunday off with a trip to the lake house.  The Sunday bartender Dannie always has the mimosas at the ready and she tells good jokes too.  Joe took his spot on corner and all was right with the world.

Always the game,


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