Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bill running away from Mindy while at the same time dodging the camera man.


What a weekend!  Congrats to all the of our Pats fans …Christmas came late this year!  Always fun when the game is at least as good as the half time show.  Can’t say that much about my Broncos………sad face…..

What looked to be a complete wash out turned into a full on work out at Norbuck Park.  Lake Highlands and McCree were both totally unplayable and with just a few folks there at 10:00 it seemed an early trip to the Goat was going to be the obvious next choice. Then all of a sudden a whole slew of players looking to get a run in before the big game arrived and we made the quick decision to give Norbuck Park a try.  It turned out to be a good idea.

The grass was in amazing condition. The field at Norbuck has a slight North South pitch to it surrounded by a stand of trees and some shrubs near the road that must help with drainage because it really was in top condition for a Dallas playing surface.  There was a lager hole/dip on one end near the try zone that could cause problems but we tossed a cone on it and everyone was able to avoid it pretty easily.  Kill was even able to “line” a field with his paint can and put a proper x in the middle for restarts.

Once things got started they moved pretty fast. Justin was back out and brought some great pace as he always does . I think Joe threw a successful dummy to every player out there at least once.  Bill and Mindy from Vermont had a great time and Bill, who had never played before, was even able to score a legit try out on the wing.  “Crazy” also known as Mike and his son max showed up a little bit later and got right into the mix stealing one of my passes that led to a try and playing some great defense. Afterward, Greg pointed out the the defense was, on the day, simply amazing and I had to agree.  Nicco had some razzle dazzle to throw out on his way to some scores and everyone was able to dot it down at least once or twice I believe.  Was great creative play with lots of movement away from the ball all day.  My legs are very sore today and it is not just because my wife is back from her business trip.

The trees and the shrubs gave the field some great cover from the wind and would have been the perfect spot for a beer and a cigar after the run but being directly across from the police station we thought we should go to the Lake House instead.  Aaron told the same joke, upon request, a record 6 times and we learned a little bit more about Anne and her professional background.  The beer was cold, the food was good, and the laughs were many. Had my children not chosen to run around the entire restaurant screaming and fighting on the floor we may have stayed all day.   There was a moment of interest when the bills arrived and “taxgate” nearly erupted but calculators came out and cooler heads prevailed.

Thank you again to all who came.  Was a great day with great touch and good friends.

To the money!


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Weather created an interesting start to the day. Lake Highlands was flooded. McCree wasn’t much better. However, we found a dry patch of grass over at Norbuck Park at the corner of Northwest Highway and Buckner Blvd.

Because of our transition to different grounds, we got a late start on the day. Even though we didn’t start exactly on time, we did get about 18 people out for the day. We played till about 12:30-12:45 and then retired to the Lake House for beverages.

For those not aware, we posted the change of venue to Twitter, Facebook, and the email list. In the future, if the weather is questionable, check out those sources.


All of the photos are found here.

Anne with a great catch from Joe despite Greg’s intervention.
Greg making his presence know with this rejection of Tige’s pass.

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