January 4, 2015


How do?

What a great run yesterday!  Brisk was a word that came up a lot.  Holy cow was it cold.  I was nervous that not many people would show up because it was so cold but happily we had a strong 15 or so out to McCree for what turned out to be one of the faster paced better played runs we have had in a minute.

The crowd was a good mix of new and old.  Tea Pot came out and impressed us all with his passing skills and fitness level.  He brought his special lady friend Shelbi who was quick to pick up the game and pose a real threat on the wing with good hands and fast pace outside.  We were all happy to see Anne back in the mix after a week off.  Especially when she kept catching bullets from Nicco to set up good play back towards the middle of the field.  Speaking of Nicco, he and Joe were able to get together on a few phases that truly represented “Champagne” Rugby.  One particular phase saw Nicco give a great quick pass back to a looping Joe who held on to the ball just long enough to freeze the defense so he could flip it out to Struan for the score.  Was the “play of the day” by most accounts. New guy Kevin wasn’t afraid to mix it up and was not half bad at getting back five by the end of the day.  Manny was back out and able to shimmy his way through the defense on a number of occasions to dot it down. Kill of course was there and during a moment where we were both recouping on the side lines it was fun to share a moment discussing how much the consistent number of players showing up has grown along with a much improved over all level of play since he helped start this whole thing years ago.  We also decided that Daniel Schneider should do a better job of being an ambassador to the new female players that come out to the club. However, we did not share our thoughts on the subject with him.   Terry was up to his usual antics and nearly nabbed another interception for a score.  Luckily for us all, Chris Pantera has been out on the regular again after the birth of his daughter.  His on field play can only be matched by his off field comments and Creed impersonations.  We played for quite a bit considering there weren’t very many subs and the pace was pretty quick.  We played to a best of three and then retired to the bleachers for some beverages.

It was too bloody cold to hang out at the park for too long for most.  I did have my cold weather drinking gear with me but since I was going to have people over for food and football and I left after one.  Thank you to the fellas who came over after.  Was great to have some friends stop by for a while and was good to here Kane tell some great pilot stories.  While I did have the Ireland France game on DVR, I never did play it so maybe we will have to do it again next week..



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I really struggled to come up with just a few of my favorite photos from the day. They were all quite good.

All photos are found here.

Dan, it really helps if you actually run.

I would call that a touch.


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