Sunday, December 14, 2014

It was a cold, wet Sunday with some of us running the marathon, some of us working the marathon and we still managed to get 18 people at touch today. We had 4 more newbies, Lee, Cal, Fiona and Morgan. Also great to see Ann back for a second week, and Christen, Tina, E, Dave and Aaron back after a long break. Thanks to everyone for braving the wet weather. Nico set us an extra large field with the tree as part of the sideline so we had plenty of room for a really open game of great touch. We had a lot of fun today in the wet, but I think Greg had the most fun with a few accurate arse touches. I guess the Birthday Boy is allowed to do that.

Speaking of Birthdays……… is Sir Richard’s Birthday as well. Happy Birthday you pair of old bastards.

Cal and Fiona are from NZ and Oz, they are a great fun couple, really enthusiastic on the field, even came to the Lakehouse with us……………………………….. but guys, I am not sure I like this Inter-racial relationship.

Another wonderful Sunday of friends and footy.


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