Sunday, December 7, 2014

We had another great day of touch yesterday! The temperature started at 50 degrees, ended at 50 degrees, and therefore averaged 50 degrees. It was a little chilly to start, but we were all running around in our official Dallas Rat Bastards shirts after the first 15 minutes.

It was good to see Stacy and Aiden out again from last week, and we had George and Fred who came out for their first time run! They did a great job picking up the rules and made a healthy addition to the 14 regulars that made it out. To those regulars that thought it was too cold to come out, we missed you! Come out next time! The Meet Up app has been going well in spreading the word. Be sure to sign up for it if you haven’t done already.

We ended the day with a first to 5 game in which the first two tries happened rather fast, at least for us. Terry threw a dummy and it got me good. I hope you didn’t blink when he pulled it because it will be awhile before you see it again! The first to five game resulted in a first to 3 game which was a good run all around.

The beer flowed after our run as it always does. Thanks again to Joe and Terry who continue to provide our after game refreshments.

On the business front, here is a question. Who is a wizz at social media and would like to volunteer in spreading the Dallas Touch word? I may look young with all my wrinkles, but the only social media I know is Facebook. I would love to help organize a few people who are able to volunteer an hour or so a week to maintaining Dallas Touch social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Meet Up, and all those others which you guys and girls know how to use. Contact me if social media is your thing!

Have a great week and we will see you all out this Sunday!

Kind Regards,


All of the photos are found here.

Not in Jim’s house.

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