Sunday, November 30, 2014

Check out all of the photos to see if she catches it.

Great run today at Mcree, a beautiful day with some fabulous and some not so great touch………”it was the wind”. We had about 16 people enjoyed the day with two new ladies from The Yard House, in Addison via Meetup.  Ann and Lindsey played really well, Ann is an ex Rugby player.  Some unknown person gave Ann a RB business card, thank you anonymous, perhaps it was The Shirt??? We played for a good two hours when Jodie, Aidyn and Stacey arrived for a run so we played some more and some more, damm we were all so tired. Stacey really seemed to enjoy herself so I am pretty sure she will be back big time.

Thank you people for the extra effort today. Unfortunately The Shirt was plum tuckered out after his turkey trot and did not make an appearance today. Charl is organising a BBQ at Mcree within the next couple of weeks so keep it in mind, bring the family and we can all have a great time. Perhaps Paul can get a few snags from Woolies, or Joe can bring his Boudain sausages, Hammer can bring Kosher hot dogs and some buns, make it simple and have a Christmas get together. Onya Charl. We have lots happening with our marketing and preparations for next year, so if you have some spare time to do stuff for us, please, please let us know.


All of the photos are found here.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this guy.
James doesn’t have a chance at getting around Terry’s defense.
I retract my previous statement.
Charl, are you on offense or defense?

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