Sunday, November 23, 2014

So we had a great run on Sunday.  The weather was fantastic and the field at McCree was in great condition.  The fellas who laid out the cones did a great job of giving us some good space and by all accounts it was a good day.  Joe and Aaron told some good jokes.  Kill had some good insight on penalties and how they should be called.  There was also a bottle of Irish whiskey floating around that did us all some good.  Nate has learned the value of, “My wife is pregnant”, as an answer to any question regarding personal action of any kind.  We also learned that Malcolm is much faster then me, although that is not news I guess.


The Dallas Red’s are going to give the Lake Highland’s pitch some some well needed TLC and in and effort to do our part and be courteous to a great group of folks we are asking all touch matches be held at McCree until after the first of the year.  ( we need to adjust the Meet Up to reflect this.  Volunteers to do that?)

We ARE PLANNING TO RUN THIS SUNDAY.  The sun does not stop shinning and touch does not end during the holidays weather allowing.  Please feel free to share what you are grateful for and get us all in the mood for turkey and whiskey.

Speaking of turkey, don’t forget the TURKEY trot is this Thursday.  I know a few of us are in the race.  Me and the fam are walking it.  Meet at the Graveyard at the end for a bit of socializing.  Joe and his has crew will be there.  Be advised that Terry thinks those people are weird.

Also,  Kill had a great idea for the DRB’s working an aid station for the White Rock Marathon.  Raise your hand if you are interested.

Finally, wanted to remind everybody about the AGM scheduled for January 18th after touch at lake Highlands.  If anyone has any ideas for a different time or venue please share otherwise please plan to attend. We are all hoping that Tory will bring some sandwiches.   If you have any suggestions or requests for the agenda of the meeting please respond and we can add reasonable requests to the docket.

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Dallas Douche,


Special thanks to Tim for wearing the “keep Dallas Douche” shirt to the run.  I am still laughing about it.

All of the photos are found here.

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