General Club Meeting – November 2, 2014

Below is a video recording of our first general meeting. At 44 minutes, it runs a little long. But, it is an important record of the proceedings.

The following are the meeting minutes from the newly elected club secretary, Tina Lewis.


Rules on what classifies  a member vs a voting member

A member is an individual who show up on Sunday. A voting member is a individual who pays dues.

The e-mail that was sent out by Tige detailing the bylaws for the Dallas Touch Group has been approved by the voting members

Congratulations to Kane who has been voted in as Vice President of Dallas Touch. Thank you to Charl for volunteering to be my assistant.

Kane has started the online store which is the Dallas Touch Big Cart. He will also post the link on our facebook page.

There was talk about a possible trip to AZ to improve our skill level.  Kill will have more details.

New business

Summer competition. The summer comp was very successful this year. Next year we need to start getting the word out earlier. We need to be more organized in getting the summer comp together.

It will be good for our organization to participate more with the other Rugby clubs. Lets go to more games and wear our shirts and let the other clubs know we support them.

We need at least 12 or more individuals to go to the nationals. The nationals will take place in Chicago?  Kane will provide more details about that.

We are considering playing at Soccer Spectrum in Richardson on Friday night’s once or twice a month.  There maybe a game on Wednesday nights depending on interest.

There was also a suggestion about supporting local Rugby Clubs and providing Dallas Touch shirts to man of the match

Our next meeting will be held on January 18 2015.

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