Sunday, November 2, 2014 – First Sunday without Frank

Fall is over, and winter is on the way! Our day started out a little cooler with temperatures in the 40’s. We were quick to start running to warm up and played six on six right at 1000am. The sun came out from behind the clouds and we warmed up well! No real need for pants and sweatshirts just yet!

We had a total of about 20 people throughout the day including a new guy, Jason, who picked up the game well! We were all playing well and picking through some good lines! Then, as Sunday touch goes, we tried some other things that didn’t quite work out. Perhaps we were missing Frank’s great communication skills! But we had fun nonetheless! Until… Parks and Recreation paid us a visit.

Right around 1100am we had to stop play. Apparently we were getting kicked off for a ultimate frisbee tournament. A little embarrassing but they were ultimately correct. The city messed up and made our booking for Saturday instead of Sunday, so a double booking occurred. We decided to move to McCree park where the grass was cleanly cut, but the level was a touch out. However, as a secondary field, it did it’s job and meant we could keep playing until the best of three game finished and the annual general meeting was called.

This meeting served as a closing meeting for the 2014 season. Tina, our newly elected secretary, will have more details at a later time. We discussed the by-laws of Dallas Touch Association and came up with a few ideas about how we will run the club for next year. Our next meeting will be on January the 18th, 2015. Please be there if you want to see the direction our club is moving in. Oh, and a special shoutout to Manny’s girl for bringing some chicken salad sandwiches to share with the club! It was really appreciated!

Just another reminder, nationals 2015. We had about 11 people indicate that they are interested in participating in Touch Nationals next October. This is a great level of interest but we would love to send a team of at least 12 people, preferably more. Please keep nationals in the back of your mind! We will be looking for a greater commitment early next year.

Enjoy the week ahead!

Kind regards,
Kane Cairncross

All of the photos are found here.

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