Sunday, October 19, 2014 – Carrollton

Well, it was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to Frank and Christina. Our hearts were heavy, but the joy and celebrations made the farewell party a successful one.

Our day started with touch in Carrollton and a great crowd came out. We saw some new faces and also some old faces, but the level of touch was great. Our club is always improving and the speed at which we play makes our time go by even faster. We had about 30 people out and were playing with three teams and subs. It was great to see Enosh out after his successful win with Tu Meke at touch nationals. We continued to play until about 1pm when the cries from the sideline shouted “beer o’clock”. Who were we to argue that call?

The farewell party was fantastic. It was a beautiful day outside and the shade of Joe’s trees made the afternoon temperatures very comfortable! The beer flowed like water and the food was as good as the company around it. Once again, we say thank you to Joe for hosting the event. Frank and Christina were given a white Rat Bastards shirts and we all proceeded to put our individual graffiti marks all over them. We hope these shirts remind Frank and Christina of all the good times they had with the Rat Bastards.

To Frank and Christina, we all wish you two the best in your future endeavors.

For the rest of us, don’t forget about Nationals in October next year. We are looking to put a team of about 12 together and would love to know if you’re interested! Also, in late January or early February, we would love to get a team together to go to Phoenix, AZ and play against Tu Meke. These games will reach us a lot and bring our game to the next level. We will discuss more details as the time comes closer.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,

Kane Cairncross

Now on to the photos….

All 105 photos from today are found here.

I believe the last time we played on this field was in 2007.

All 33 photos from February 4, 2007 are found here.


Richard is photo bombing.

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