Sunday, October 19, 2014 – Different Location

Touch is being played at the normal time. However, this week we are playing in Carrollton. We are having a party afterward at Joe Kelly’s house. We will be playing at the field that is about 500 meters from his house. Everyone is still welcome. If you are new and have been thinking about coming out to play, you are still welcome.



Instruction from Joe:

Parking instructions for pitch:
From Beltline, go North on Perry Rd and take your first left and park.
We’re playing on the field inside the funny shaped track.
You want to park on the East side, otherwise you have to walk all the way around the front of the school.

Parking instructions at my house:
Do NOT park in the driveway!  If someone parks in the driveway, we know they can’t follow instructions and we can make fun of them.
Take the alley off of Walnut Ave.  My neighbors allow us to park in their yard.  I’ll have it marked with cones or something.  You may also park in the alley as long as cars can pass.  If it gets too tight or you are late, then park on the empty lot at the corner of Rosemon and Maryland.  You can park on the street but that gets kind of tight too.

Who is invited?
Everybody!  Wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, babies, significant others, rambunctious children, behaved children, dogs, husbands, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, but not ex-husbands.

What to bring?
Beer and a side dish.  If you have dietary restrictions, bring your own chow.  I’ll be cooking up meat on the grill.  If you want something special on the grill, bring it to share!  I’m just going to have the same greasy artery clogging type of meat you get at every cook out.  Also bring hankies to wipe away the tears of sorrow and heartbreak from Frank and Christina hauling ass out of town to some place that has better beer and worse weather.  We should have enough chairs, but bring an extra for John Griffin so he doesn’t sit in yours!

–Joe Kelly

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