Sunday, October 12, 2014

It appears like everyone is hustling…. but one person has their hands on their hips.

Sunday touch continues to get better! We had about 19 people come out through the morning, which included a new face as well as a couple of rugby guys from the summer touch competition. Drew and Scott came out and helped raise our game to a great competitive, but friendly level. Malcolm was the new face around. He is originally from South Africa, but has only been in Dallas for about three months. We hope to see him back next week.

We started slowly with small numbers, but we’re playing six on six by about 1030. I motion to move the official start time back to 1000 with the cooler temperatures. I feel this will fit into everyone’s schedules better. Please communicate if you are on board with this or not.

Our touch game progressed well. The ball was moving about the field and we were dumping and picking the ball up with pace. The four man bangers were effective, especially when the defense lacked the energy to get back onside. This was obviously near the end of our touch time when beer o’clock was right around the corner!

The after run social continued in line with tradition and some good laughs we’re had by all. Joe entertained us with one of his jokes, although I fail to remember what it was about. However, it was a good one! Be on the lookout for more from this comedian.

Jokes aside, we also discussed some more important details. We should be selling t-shirts on Facebook this week to help with raising money for our club. Twitter is also another avenue of social media that we will be looking into. Manny is taking the lead on this; however, if you are also a twitter whizz, please reach out to him with suggestions on making this an effective means of reaching new players.

Dallas Rat Bastards going to nationals in 2015? Let’s make this statement a reality! A few of us have expressed interest in participating in nationals held in Chicago during October. We will need at least 12 people to be competitive so please keep this in mind. A tournament can increase our game and it is a great experience! We can be competitive on a national level!

Along with nationals, we were also discussing local tournaments. We could send a team to Arizona to play Tu Meke early February 2015. These guys won nationals this year and we could all learn from them as they build their USA touch players for the World Cup. A Dallas, Houston, and Austin tournament can also happen either late this year or next year. If you would like to see this happen, please reach out help us make it happen! Volunteers are always welcome and the smallest amount of help is appreciated!

Next week touch is in Carrollton! Don’t forget! Joe will be sending out directions this week. Please join us as we say goodby to Frank and Christina.

Have a great week everyone!

Kind regards,

Kane Cairncross

All of the photos are found here.

Chris making an appearance with his newest family addition.
Just as Chris was leaving, Hammer with his newest addition makes an appearance too.

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