Sunday, October 5, 2014

We had over 21 people out today enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

The day began with a little picking up the leaves and branches of a wind swept East Dallas. The storm has taken down some of the beautiful trees that surround us, and sprayed a healthy amount of leaves all over the pitch.

The  run started with 5 on 5, that quickly turned to 6 on 6 with some subs, and by the end of the morning we had two pitches running with a total of over 22 folks in and out.

Chris was his boisterous self running and talking like the chatter bug he is, with only Frank to compete with in listening to themselves narrate the game as it goes.
Greg had his special connection with Justin on a pass that nobody remembers but them, it only got weird when Greg started pinching his nip……won’t continue down that road.

Shaggy and Co. from the Reds joined us, with a late visit by Phil as he pulled up to give us a quick hello before going back on his way. Charle and Lady D were there to grace us with their presence, as you do remember they are our Royal Family, Charlemagne our own King of Beers.

Joe and Terry continue to be their slippery selves, sliding effortlessly through the defense, while the rest of us mortals have to work at it. Aaron, Sri Lanka, Justin, The John Clan, Nate, Frank, Chuck Norris’ stunt double Tige (sporting his o so fashionable gruffy beard look) and more were there to join the fun.

We had a high level of game, lots of good passes, scissors, and overall great running. Kill  began to officiate and helped elevate the game even more. Although Tige was giving him some grief, something about selective sight. Not sure what that was about , but it definitely set off a fair share o heckling with Albano passing the ball to his invisible friend, and other not so memorable plays. Not sure who is harder to catch, Manny or Albano. But today Manny did a more than usual bob and weave that I am still not sure how he got through, as the peanut gallery great-judges-of-outstanding-sideline-rugby began to decide who were the people that would be best to do dummys on due to their permanent ability to pick off balls.

T-shirts continue to sell like hot cakes, with the white version stealing the day. Kane is going to take it upon himself to help set up the online store. Lets all support him as this could be a solid on-going fund-raiser. He is planning on looking into Square, as Kill warned us of the pitfalls of Pay Pal. If anybody has experience in this arena, please reach out to him and give him a hand.

Kane also is going to lead the Wednesday night games, although Terry continues to vote for Friday night game and social. So if you lean one way or the other, these are the proponents of each you need to reach out to and support. We have about three weeks left of evening light that Kane plans to help us take advantage of at Lake Highlands, yet we will soon require a good centric field with flood lights. Glencoe is our default, but it would be great to find one that is not as overused. Anybody with any park ideas please step forward.

As we sat in the shade, polishing off the refreshments provided by Joe and Terry, it was nice to hear Shaggy express how much he enjoyed playing with us, how the order, quality of game, mix of ages and overall environment made it very competitive and very enjoyable. He said something about ages 12 to 60, boys and girls, men and women;some folks took a little offense on the age thing (won’t mention who) but truly, it was cool how he appreciated our Fun Days.

Frank is heading out to the north west toward the end of month, so we should be planning on some kind of farewell piss up between now and then. Maybe a lakeside BBQ before the colder weather slides in.

Again, Great Weather, Great Friends and Great Rugby. I truly enjoyed it today, as always, and look forward to seeing everybody again, sooner than later.



All of the photos are found here.

Terry, are you catching the ball, or throwing it?


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