Highlighted Photos – Thursday, Aug 14, 2014

I didn’t want to infringe upon Joaquin’s writeup in the previous post, so I decided to have a separate article which highlights some of my favorite photos from the night.

The conditions were less than ideal for quality photography, but the intensity of play gave me a lot of excellent material to work with.


All of the photos are found here.

The face is awesome. But, if he had actually looked where he was passing the ball, it wouldn’t be nearly as good of a photo. You need to go look at all of the photos to find out if it the pass was successfully caught.
Tige, are we playing basketball of touch rugby?
Good defensive position. Hips dropped and under control.
Run for your life, there are zombies on the field!
Excuse me, I think the mark is back there.
Erik, does that dance move have a name yet?
I think Brad just grew a few inches.
John, is it the yellow shirt?
Don’t feel bad, it happens often when going up against Christen.
Enosh was definitely looking where he passed.
Good way to finish off the night.

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