Tournament – Aug 14, 2014

The tournament that keeps on giving! Another amazing Thursday was had, with all teams giving a good showing of strength and reserves. We have only two Thursdays left to finish, and are needing to finalize plans on how/where we are going to celebrate the close of the season. We played into lights out (feels like it is already getting darker earlier).
Nate is considering offering up his house and pool for the end of season party, if so, we have to make sure Frank doesn’t show up with his g-string.

FARTS continue to hold on to their lead, winning two and tying one game. Rat Bastards also were able to win two and tie against DARC. Competition is fierce, with tempers flaring here and there, as testimony that the players are not taking the games lightly, everybody is giving it their best, which is giving us all a great time.

We head a healthy showing of plus/minus 40 players, all having a great time and enjoying new found respect for Dallas Touch, our new jerseys, business cards, recruiting skills and overall organization of the tournament. (By the way, there are just a few shirts left, if you haven’t bought yours, hit Terry up this Sunday, gettem while their hot!)

To kick start the day, Terry and Tina got us quickly organized in getting the games started, while Kill, Greg and others took care of the reffing (thanks to all for stepping up to the plate, reffing is a thankless job, but we wouldn’t be able to have so much fun without it). Nate committed to stepping up next Thursday, any other takers?

The day was an excellent farewell for E, as we send him off to college. He is now committed to spread the touch gospel with our support, as we should be planning on doing a Brownsville road-trip come spring 2015.

Erik got a full hall pass, was able to not only play, but join us for the social. It was good to see him out on a Thursday, along with all the rest of us Frank, Nico, Christine, Tige, John, E, Struan, Kane, Steve, Greg, Nate, Al, Brad, Charl, and so many more…

Social was great, with all the players hobnobbing and swopping stories. Our staunch supporter from the reds, Al, is going to be a father anytime soon. He predicts that his wife will be bringing a beautiful baby girl to the world this weekend. I have decided to make sure to bring my own water to all the games, as there are all these baby girls coming along….Al, Chris, Erik….just sayin’…could be the water….

Here are a few photos of the social, you can see the end result of the transformation of Tige.  He arrived with an ear ache, with work stress written all over. And now look at the smile we put on his face by the end of the evening ( a bit dark, but the smile is there):

Cheers to all, see you Sunday.



All of the photos are found here.

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