Sunday, July 27, 2014

It was simply amazing to see 30 players on Sunday. We had two pitches going and no rest for the weary. It was definitely hot, and lots of water was needed, but so fun to see so many folks having a great time.

Phil, Jose, Terry, Kill, Joe, Struan, Steve, Erika, Charle, Diane, Erik, Kane, Nate, Tina, Scott, Bradley, Chris, Andrew, Thomas and so many more. We had lots of new faces and some great old(er) ones. The new dads continue to get their hall passes, or as Erik puts it, “my wife just wants me out of the house”.

Tina and Diane showed their stuff, playing against their significant others (Yes Terry, you are significant no matter what Joe says, and Charle, well, your a royal) and showed a great grasp of the game.

We continued to stoke the fire with Nate, as he regretted leaving town, and vowed to recover the lost ground on thursday – so watch out everybody the FARTS are coming back for some beer, I mean, some points.

Our royal, King Charle wanted to be quoted as saying ” King of Beers, and King of Tries” as he got his first try with us, vowing to continue to slim and get fit after two years in the lonely, sad world of ” no rugby”.

Chris decided to entertain trying to get us all join him in his special sport, for special guys like him. Chris, it’s OK, we don’t judge. But just don’t tell your wife about it, we don’t think she will be as understanding as your rugby buddies about your chicken/sword fighting thing.

Joe arrived just in time, just in time to share his beers with us. Which we were happy to help him drink, even if he does have a faulty cooler that falls over on its own and gets all the beers muddy. Yes, I swear it flopped over on it’s very own. Diane, thanks for your beers too, and Terry and all other generous souls. Jose decided to pretend he didn’t like the wine any more, you only fool yourself Jose, you can’t fool us.

Scott is suggesting we get involved with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. It truly feels like a natural fit. We should all try to bring our families and our swim trunks next sunday to check it out. Pool, cheap beer, cheap food, cheap women o wait, wrong place; well at least girls in bikinis, don’t know if they are cheap.

Terry mentioned we need a trophy for the tournament, so anybody have contacts and/or ideas share them on thursday. Be creative, as this is how great traditions are born.

Thanks to all the Reds and DARC for your continuous support, you are bringing out the numbers and making a big difference, Brad, Dodgey, Phil, Nate and all the boys that are now members of our group.

Well, look forward to thursday, lets get as many folks as possible out, so that we have an even better time. the momentum is huge folks, and it is making our runs funner than ever, so please keep brining people, the energy and the beer money.



PS. Any news on our boy Dan and so many others that are MIA? If you have the phone number of anybody that is not coming out, please give them a call, see if they are OK, and drag their sorry butts out thursday. They probably need it.

All of the photos are found here.



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