Thursday, July 24, 2014 – Tournament Update

The results speak for themselves. Look carefully so you realize the number of teams that played, and also the scores.

Farts 4 beat Chads team 2                Ref Kill
DARC 5 beat Al’s team 2                  Ref Joe

Rat Bastards 5 beat Farts 4              Ref Kill
DARC 5 beat Chads team 3              Ref Al

Rat Bastards 6 beat Als team 1          Ref Chad
DARC 4 beat Farts 3                         Ref John

Conclusion:  Nate, it seems that you when the cats out – the rat bastards come out to play!!

The competition has been raised a big notch. The scores were tight, the running hard, and the tempers flared accordingly. Love it. People only get irritated when they care, when they care about the tries being scored against them. So rub your egos with tiger balm and get your butts out for another round of Touch Rugby Tourney next thursday, that the $500 pot is up for grabs!

Kill again did his magic with the reffing, keeping the matches under control. putting on a little more pressure for folks to stick to the book and elevate the game. Keeping the laggards on both sides out of the way to release a fast, competitive game.

Terry running left and right with his clip board, keeping it all running, and everybody knowing where to be. The two pitches kept running smoothly.

Big shout out to all those that stepped up to the reffing. Joe, Al (great job, no matter what the whiners say), Chad and John. Its good to have other voices out there, and for folks to see how good reffing can affect their game for the better.

DARC showed up in great numbers, adding lots of energy to the day. Everybody had their fair share of reserves, allowing the breathing to stay a little less heavy than usual. Terry continues to reach out to see if we can get a ladies team involved. He continues to push those that are showing up to see if they can contact their friends. Lets give him support in spreading the word, it would be great to add more of the fairer sex to our tourney.

Lots of speed on the pitch with the Rat Bastards: Struan, Nico, Steve,Manny,  E, all running folks socks off and putting on the moves. We showed some good hands with solid passing, and plenty of defense. Still a bit too much running sideways for some of our likings, but when we hammered up and hard, with our own Hammer, we created opportunities that were quickly seized.

The social was just as good as the games. We had the Lakehouse surrounded with folks on the front porch, on the bar, at the tables inside, outside in our usual corner. Beer and stories flowing freely to wrap up a great night.

I warned Dodgey that I would call him out, as the  F.A.R.T.S. are going to need to step it up if they want to keep the lead, as the Rat Bastards, with our new Fat Bastard et al, are bringing it. Keep it up team, get your butts out, that if Kane, Dan, Jose and all our other folks that have been missing the fun join us, the Reds don’t stand a chance.

Did you know that Manny’s hobby is cross country running? He likes to meditate as he runs 7,8,9 miles through the trees and over the creeks. Zoning out, and then taking a few days to recover. He is considering training for an Iron Man, so if there are any takers, he could be your training buddy.
On another note, we have royalty in our midst, Charlemagne. Although his parents dropped the magne and we were left with only the Charle. But their you go. who knew? 🙂 Although I think he is better acquainted with the King of Beers than any other royals.

Look forward to seeing everybody Sunday!



PS. You know the drill, if you haven’t already (which very few of you have), please go to MeetUp and join us, so we can build even more on the momentum.


…. and now a few photos from Thursday’s social event.


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