Impromptu – Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I didn’t make it and no one provided photos, but the following writeup should leave little doubt in your mind that it really happened.  –Kill


Hello Everybody,

Well we had a good run Wednesday evening, Daniel, Erica, Kane and I decided to take advantage of the lean group and review some rugby basics, applicable for any/all variations of our religion.

We went over basic passing skills, and then two on two drills to create fast paced penetration opportunities on the open field. We practiced drawing the mark in and out, along with scissors, looping and some side-stepping basics.

Overall, a fun time was had, we then proceeded to Ozona to take advantage of $1.50 drafts, where time flew as we trickled out late in the evening.

Daniel didn’t make it to Ozona, it seems he is picking up a peculiar taste for a different yellow liquid that he found generously deposited on the top of his water bottle by a friendly neighborhood canine. After imbibbing, his tastebuds exploded and he was innocent enough to share the experience with us. Did he perchance forget our name: Rat Bastards?! I did make him an honorable solemn promise that I would make sure to share his wonderful experience with everybody, as a good RB would. He confirmed that he expected no more, and no less from me.

See you Friday!


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