Sunday, April 20, 2014

She wasn’t intimidated at all.

All of the photos are here.

We had a great run today (sunday). Folks were a little slow to arrive, but eventually we had a decent showing of around 16 people, some trickling in at the last hour. We played all afternoon 6 on 6, sometimes 6 on 6.5, although as we got tired that .5 seemed to become a 1.5 running and showing her chops making daddy proud.

When we chose to use the basics, we made some quick runs straight down the pitch. Many of the faster players continue to be tempted to run sideways a bit too often, upsetting the pace. The warm day got to us pretty quickly, so the game speed dropped off quite a bit on the latter part of the run. Positioning in the pitch continues to be an issue, as we don’t seem to know where the five is. We gave up a lot of plays when Houston was here because of this, we may need to find a way of getting better at it. Or maybe we need bigger cones. 🙂

Terry’s new balls were handled by everybody, although it seems that the lighter, smaller ball tempts everybody to do more sloppy one handed passes than usual. Conclusion: Terry, your new balls are sloppy.

We were able to cuss Dan out of bed and come and try and run off his hang over. But it seems that it was a little too much for him, he decided to go to the sideline and have a not so discreet conversation with Ralph. He then disappeared to a long nap in the shade, where he was only coaxed out when Terry pulled out the beers.

Overall some nice running, that proved that when we follow the basics we can be lethal. Kill kept us in line for a while reffing, reminding us the importance of going back to the mark. I am getting better, but still have some minor issues. 🙂 We all learned the hard way that you can tap behind the mark, but not to the side.

Couldn’t have asked for better weather nor a better bunch of folks to run around. Dan and I are thinking of pushing wednesdays on the grass in the softball field at Glencoe. it suited us well on friday, so if more people are in, maybe we can squeeze in some wednesday runs.

Everybody have a great week.



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