Friday Night Lights – April 19, 2014

It was an fantastic night last night, with so many people away for Easter we still had 10 people turn up for a great game, with new balls and everyone except Struan went to the Barley House for a beer and pizza. Two Friday night newbies turned up with Magic Kelly showing that Friday night works as a date night, and our own President Clay from SOA getting us drunk on whiskey shots and then more people turning up just for the beer and pizza.If I said or did anything dumb or embarrassing last night please accept my apologies. It was a great night but I am too old to be getting home drunk at 2.00am.

Thank you Judy, we enjoyed your company.

Touch is definitely on for Sunday, so come down for a run.

f you haven’t changed over to the new Yahoo group yet please do so, so you can stay informed.


All of the photos are here.

Good catch. Struan, no libel on this one.
Erik had an argument with the pizza. The pizza lost.

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