Sunday, February 9, 2014

You missed a bloody awesome day Frank, a huge crowd of 22 people turned up and we played some fantastic football. Our skill level is incredible. It was a little cold if the third team stood still for too long. It was great seeing some old faces returning and we are getting at least one new face each week. Thanks everyone for coming out.

Apart from me trying to take two intercepts with my face, the only drama was when Hector was doing a Jonah Lomu impersonation down the sideline, Tige dived and managed to ankle tap the big man bringing him down in some pain, but he was back after a rest. And it was great seeing Teapot run down Jose. Onya Teapot.
Joe turned up about 1.00 and so a few more beeverages were enjoyed. I know most of you people have a life, but the guys I have to drink with after the game really don’t have any personality, so it would be wonderful to see some new faces stay and drink with us occasionally.  See me if you need permission slips. It is going to be a great summer, I don’t think it will be long before we have two games going every week. Love my footy.

There is a lot of interest in Friday Lights, so I am hereby declaring it a permanent addition to our calendars. See you all Friday. 6.30 and $5 Glencoe Park.

All of the photos are here.

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