November 3, 2013 – Great Weather

Excellent day for some touch. Temps were in the mid to upper 60’s and about 15 people showed up to partake in the action. (Some didn’t show until we were done with touch.)

Below is a note from Terry:


It was a bloody beeauuutiful day on Sunday, but it was a small turnout although we had a great game, the games are getting better and better, fantastic to see young Joey back playing great touch after being side lined with a badly broken arm. The weather is just so good for playing right now, perhaps this Sunday will be better roll up.

Some people don’t even come to play footy, they just turn up for the free beer but I am not J going O to mention E any names K cause E that would L be L really Y embarrassing. To be fair he was in Austin on Saturday night so he did make a big effort to get there on Sunday and the beer still lasted till about 3.30. Great day, love my Sunday footy.

Momo from Japan looks like having a run with us this coming weekend, so it would be great to see some of our ladies come out and look after her, show her some Texas hospitality.

It was great to see that Struan has volunteered to be the club treasurer, so keep an eye on your money. Onya Struan.

Angela has finished her chemo, so we are all hoping and praying there will be no reoccurrence . She must be a real saint, because we only have to put up with Kill for a couple hours on Sundays and that is bloody hard, but she has to live with him 24/7. DAMMMM!!! Kudos to you Angela.

And for those of you who are interested, the US have won their second  RL World Cup game against Wales and Italy have won one and drawn their second game, so they are still in the hunt as well. As much as I hate to admit it, the Kiwis have an awesome team so I am thinking for the Final Game we are going to have to all get together to watch it. Richard, Paul you in? It will be on Saturday the 30th Nov, probably around 10.00am.



Now a few photos from the run…

It is generally much easier to catch the ball with your eyes open.
It looks like Manny was getting taunted a little bit.
That is one intense game of Pat-a-Cake!
Hammer, it’s much easier to pass the ball when you are looking where you are passing.
Hammer, I see you decided to look were you passed the ball, but it helps when you actually open your eyes.
Nico gets the vote for the face of the day.
And he’s gone!
Didn’t we just see Manny do the same exact thing? Just goes to show you, even old men can score some times.
Some young talent coming along nicely.
Terry, is that a look of constipation on your face?


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