Sunday, August 18, 2013

About 20 people graced the field this Sunday to some of the best weather of the year. We ran such a disciplined game, that we only needed Joe Kelly to ref for about 2 minutes.  When an slight player injury forced the return of the ref back to active play, he scored immediately while the stunned defense assumed he was still the referee. Or at least that was the excuse.  Most impressive were the speedy hands able to move a ball all the way across the field to take advantage of overloads on the wing.  Hammer, Frank, Greg Herring, Chris Kelly, Stuart ? (guy on motorcycle from New York).  Foot speed standouts were Kane, who is leaving us for a few months for work, and the broken ankled Hooman(? Hooch) who showed us he was back in action with his “confused look”  try.

We ran until noon and then relaxed in the blissful shade, grateful that falling dead branches from the Lake Highlands cottonwoods were landing in places where we weren’t. We had several guests stop by to witness the best Touch in North Texas, including Dave Hartwig, who regaled us with stories of “life as Dave”. Dad Joe from Alliance reported this son, Joey, suffered a double compound fracture of his arm at the first football practice of the year. Extremely unfortunate, not only for Joey, but for Touch, as he is a standout. His dad was so upset that he forgot his shorts and played in his underwear! We wish Joey a speedy recover and return to Touch. We wish his dad would remember his shorts!

Great day and great fun!

Remember that we have the US Touch team coach coming specifically for us!  It’s a 2 day affair.  Be at the field in back of Lake Highlands, by the swing set, at 9:00 AM. This is a fantastic opportunity.  Everyone is welcome to this coaching session, sponsored by Dallas Touch.  New players are welcome and we are encouraging younger players to participate.

–Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is the person loosely carrying the ball.

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