Sunday, May 26, 2013 – Touch

It was a little muddy out there today, but we played anyway. Somewhere in the area of 17 or 18 people made an appearance.

Thanks to Nate for the post touch festivities.


Note from Terry:

Rule Number 1:  Do not take cigarettes to pool party.
Rule Number 2:  Do not take JosD to pool party.
It was a great day on Sunday……….a Shnider try fest in the mud, Terry Stephenson had a fantastic game in the mud, considering his age, and great to see some Kelly magic back on the field. Mud, mud everywhere but no Katelyn??
Thanks To Nate and his lovely wife for welcoming a bunch of dirty touch players into their home. The food was fantastic, the company also fantastic, and there is 2 inches of LH’s mud in the bottom of Nate’s pool. It was a pleasure meeting Nate’s Dad, a true gentleman. Hope to see you again, you Pommy bastard.
I had an awesome day, thanks to all people who turned up on the day, the camaraderie is what it is all about.
Dallas Touch Rugby
Dallas Touch Rugby
Dallas Touch Rugby – After touch festivities.

See some of you on Tuesday at Lake Highlands for some more touch.


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