Sunday, April 07, 2013

Word of the day: dumping

Dumping is not something that one person does. It involves multiple people. In the picture below, you see that:

  1. John is not dumping in front of a defender.
  2. John is dumping between two defenders.
  3. John is dumping behind both defenders.
  4. Both defenders are now out of position.
  5. Jose’ has anticipated where John is going to dump.
  6. Jose’ will be there to pick it up quickly.
  7. This ball will be on the ground for about 1 second.
  8. Just awesome!
  9. A 3rd offensive player is ready to receive the ball from the dummy half.
  10. Dummy half will not have to run far with the ball, if at all.

(People say I repeat myself often, so why not continue.)

11. Awesome!

Dallas Touch Rugby
Correct dump and scoop. Dallas Touch Rugby in Dallas, TX on April 7, 2013.

All of the photos are found here.


One thought on “Sunday, April 07, 2013”

  1. Watch John dump,
    Dump John dump,
    John is dumping between,
    John is dumping behind,
    John dumped,
    Did you see John dump.

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