Sunday March 3, 2013

Killer turnout today! A new record with 29 people in attendance.

Apologies to Justin. I was initially introduced as Josh, I and struggle to call him by his proper name. I will try to do better.


Next weekend daylight savings time is kicking in. Move that clock ahead at 2am. You don’t want to be an hour late for touch on Sunday. Well, everyone except Manny. He is already excused. In the fall, he forgot to move his clock back one hour and was early to touch on Sunday. If he shows up an hour late, his life will once again be in balance.

Now on to some photos of days gone by…

It looks like Joe and Heidi laughing about Joe’s recent duress at being in charge of touch. Touch rugby in Dallas, TX on February 4, 2007.

Here are all of the photos from February 4, 2007.

Now on to photos from Sunday.

I have a challenge for everyone… In all of the photos from this Sunday, how many photos are there where Dodge is jumping in the air?

All he needs are some flashlights and signal flares, and he could signal a rescue helicopter. Playing touch rugby in Dallas, TX on March 03, 2013.

Here are some photos from this past Sunday.


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