Sunday August 5, 2012 – Social Pickup Game

As a reminder, touch starts at 10:30am.

We had 13 make the trek out to the Lake Highlands field this past Sunday. It was an extremely hot day for me. I have been in Wyoming for a little over a week. Temps there were nothing like they are here.

This is where I was for the past two weeks…

Teton National Park
The view from our campsite.

On to touch photos.

Dave Dodge Working Hard
Dodge working hard.

Now this lady was making us all look bad. She ran down every single person all the way to the try line. I would also have to take my shoes off to count how many times she dove to make a touch. Just impressive.

Dallas Touch Player
Kick’n Butt in Dallas.

This play got my press pass revoked.

Press Pass Revoked
Dave Dodged Revoked my Press Pass after this play.

For those that left early, you missed out on the after touch festivities at Dave Dodge’s house.

Touch on Trampoline
Playing Touch on a Trampoline

All photos are found here.

See everyone next week at 10:30.


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