Sunday, April 29, 2012

See everyone next Sunday, 11:00am at Lake Highlands.


We had a great day again on Sunday with17 players showing. This included a few newbies who did really well (Diego and Eli).  No drama with the Parks people and plenty of brilliant touch. . .  or perhaps not so brilliant. It was great to see Mani back and playing great touch. Everyone played well and enjoyed themselves even though we had to go home with dry and parched throats.

  1. Hammer
  2. Kill
  3. Jose
  4. Terry
  5. Albano
  6. Keith
  7. Mani
  8. Diego
  9. John
  10. Enoch
  11. Diego
  12. Calmus( Lil Shyt)
  13. Joesph
  14. Jaeger   
  15. Martin
  16. Frank(Fresh Legs)
  17. Nate


 Click on the photo to see all of them from this week.
It's Good!

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