Saturday, August 22, 2015 – Touch Fest

Boy, what a hard, hot, exhausting and slightly idiotic day! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The set-up team got to the field around 08:00am to start our day of touch. Tents were pitched, tables unfolded, and the draw was set. Thank you to all of you who helped set-up.

The planned 10:00am start time ran a little late, but that was to be expected considering a few traveling teams and apparently a late night for some. The draw had to be amended since we had 7 teams participate although they did have some good numbers. The teams that played were: RB Black, RB Grey, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, DARC and Red’s Sevens. I would estimate close to 100 people in total which was a great achievement for Texas Touch.

We had Craig out from USA touch and his passion for our sport was really evident. He was more than happy to ref or jump on a team that needed a few more numbers. Ella was a NZ’er on a foreign exchange student program that made it out too. She was also very willing to ref and run which was a big help to the smooth operation of the day. We say a big thank you to Craig and Ella.

The games themselves flowed really well. All the teams who participated showed their strengths. The rugby guys had their fitness and agility while the touch guys had their touch plays and experience. We had an assortment of people from young to old who were all from different walks of life. The social aspect of the day was great and very rewarding.

We held a round robin tournament starting with 7 teams. The temperatures hovered around 100°F which made the day exhausting. We ran the teams hard with only 15-20 minute breaks in between each round. Each team was set to play 6 games before the finals were decided. We know this was a tough task, but every team was ready to play when the refs whistle blew.

Unfortunately we lost a few teams throughout the day. Injury and heat was the main contributors for the teams that didn’t quite have the numbers. The remaining teams were then organized into final and semi final position based on their score from the round robin. However, the RB blacks and Austin had the same number of points, so a play off game ensued to see who would play in the final and semi final out of these two teams.

The play off game was tough. Yes, we were tired, but everyone pushed through like champions. Cramps came on and took their toll. Pickle Juice was thrown around like a first aid kit while the sun continued to beat down upon us. It was a close game but the RB Blacks made it to the final versus the Houston Hurricanes.

The final game started after a 15 minute break for the RB Blacks. The boys gave it their all. Dan and Calamus still had energy and gave it their all on defense. We were exhausted, hot and sore but we knew our competition was as well. Cramps took a few more casualties but everyone was fine with a few minutes of break while in injured hobbled off the field. We all knew we needed it! Houston has a good touch game going. Their communication and game play was something everyone can learn from. They had a bit more energy than us and came away with a well deserved win.

The exhausted looks on everyone’s face was evidence we did our job well. Touch Fest will be spoken about as a great challenge. A challenge against other teams, but also a challenge against the heat and fatigue. The day was a complete success and we thank everyone for coming out and giving it their all.

The beverages flowed at The Lake House where we took over the indoor area and basked in the air conditioning. Brews and food were served and everyone took some time to catch up with each other and recuperate. The trophy was presented to Houston then we held a small action for the World Cup memorabilia that E bought back.

The community of Texas Touch is a great one to be a part of. The only way this sport can go it up. More teams, more exhaustion, and more touch!


All 113 of the photos are found here.


All 113 of the photos are found here.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Highlands field hosted a great day of touch! The field is lush and nicely painted. All the construction is surely paying off.

We had about 20 people come out and join us for some training and social touch. It was great to see a couple of the Quinn’s guys come out and have a run! The day started off with four on four to warm up while a few more people were getting ready. We ran 5m plays and stressed the importance of communication.

The social touch started about 1045 and went on until noon. It was hot and the water breaks were frequent. But we were always prepared to get back up and continue on with the game we love. Carl scored a few tries on the sideline and earned the new nickname of “twinkle feet.”

After the game we found the shade and enjoyed the food that Tige prepared. Kathleen and Liz provided some more snacks and beverages that were much appreciated.

Today was Aaron’s last run with us. We have enjoyed having him around and on the field with us. He leaves us to return to Minnesota. As with all of our expats, we hope to see him again at one of the many tournaments around the country.

Training will continue this Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

A reminder for Touch Fest: Kick off is at 1000am. We would appreciate help in setting up, so if you can, try and be at Lake Highlands at 0800am to begin a great day of touch!


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Thursday, August 13, 2015 – Summer Competition Final

Successful end to another summer competition.

Thanks to everyone that participated.


All of the photos are found here.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

All 32 of the photos are found here.

Well, it was hot, but the shade was nice! 40 people came out today despite the bright ball of gas in the sky radiating immense heat.

Kill set up the field with cones just as a little kid was picking them up almost right behind him for something to play with. Kill chased the poor little guy off and restored all order. It seemed as if everyone was lethargic this morning as we weren’t running full teams until about 930am. Must’ve been the heat!

We had a few new people out which was good to as always! Fernando saw us on MeetUp, and Lisa and Liz heard about out through Hashing by Joe. They did well and we are hoping they come out regularly.

There were a good mix of different plays. Three man, bangers, sweeper, push pull, and various defense manipulation plays. Again, we all saw the benefits of communication within the team. It was usual to be close to the 5m line on touch 3. A great place to be and it showed the effectiveness of these plays.

The usual first to three game concluded today’s touch right around noon. The YMCA were helping to get kids into rugby and their session started right around noon. Each of the kids received a rugby ball thanks to Texas Rugby which is a great way to introduce the sport. Beverages were reserved for the lake house were we ate some good food and consumed some good beer.

See you out Thursday for the conclusion of our summer touch comp!


Is Joe attempting to read the label on the ball?

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Thursday, August 06, 2015 – Summer Competition

Really good touch all the way around tonight. Finals are next week!


All of the photos are found here.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The countdown to nationals begins!

We were running plays around 0900am with Kill showing us how to manipulate the defense and create pockets. Coach John ran us through the basic 5m plays and then we focused on bangers. This is our basic bread and butter stuff that we should never get tired of practicing.

The recreational touch game started around 0945 and we ended up having a little over 30 people come out. The temperatures were high, but we were fortunate to have a slight breeze to keep us a little cooler.

It was great to see the usuals and some newer faces too. Tim and Greg came out and have really caught onto touch well. Donald was the new Brit in town and he adjusted his 15’s game, learned bangers,  and was a valuable member of his team.

We were running 2 fields for the most part of the day until the heat made the shade too comfortable. E took a slight fall after jumping for the ball and then he slid off Joey to the ground. The catch was very nice and he recovered just as well afterwards. The day ended right around 1215 and it was well deserved after about 3 hours of running in the sun. The beverages were cracked open and we all had a good time.

A couple of reminders:

The summer competition will end August 13th. Thanks for coming out early last week. Try and do the same for next few weeks!

Touch Fest is on August 22nd. I am always looking for people to help up with setting this event up! Please share the flier on facebook! If you can make it on the day, come out at 0800am to help set up tents and have a good time doing it. Able will be the DJ, so forward any request to him.

The reds sevens are still raising money for their nationals. You can donate here: We will be handing the donations over on the 7th August. So far we have raised $140 for them! Please consider donating if you can.

Have a great week!


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

It was a warm one out there today. But, that didn’t scare anyone off. We probably had 20 people on the day.

Tige brought out the grill. There were burgers and and sausage!

See ya’ll on Thursday and/or Sunday.


All of the photos are found here.

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