Sunday, April 19, 2015

Emma, first appearance, making a veteran look bad.

Weather was perfect. Couldn’t ask for much more. Field was a little soft because of the storm the night before, but still an excellent day of touch!

See everyone next week. Either in Houston or here in Dallas.


All of the photos are found here.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

We had a great weekend of touch! The annual Dallas Touch Tournament was a great success and even saw a few new people giving touch rugby a go for the very first time despite the competitive, but fun, environment. Hopefully we didn’t scare them too much and we hope to see them again! It was also great to see a lot of old faces come out for such a great event.

Congratulations to the Houston Hurricanes on their win. They played a quick and vigorous game which saw them to victory

We’ll get you guys next time!


All of the photos are found here.


DARC was playing on the other field this day too. Here are a few photos for them.

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Sunday, April 12, 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out for a run today. With 23 people playing we had some great match ups with so much speed on the field, the rivalry between the Schinder brothers was magic to watch, Jose’s feet continue to improve (he will be back to wearing 6″ stilettos real soon), Chris is great to watch as he takes on more of a leadership role on the field, unfortunately James left his hands at home, lets hope he brings them next week, Jimmy and new Justin played some great football, we had four women playing today Tina, Mindy, Ann and it is great having Melani back after a long hiatus. Kill and the County have done an awesome job making the field look like graph paper giving the field a look of graph paper and with all the bloody lawyers running around out there today, it was like a courtroom. Newbie Able showed he has the skills to compete with us, Hammer’s hat throwing ability continues to impress, Sox is starting to come every Sunday just to show off his injuries from the day before, Nate is still showing us he has complete control of everything………but we are not sure how long it will last. I wish I could be there when Lindsey tells him “take me to the hospital, NOW”………….sheer panic. Nico and Albano were again mixing it up in their two man show, great to see Hooch, Dodgey and Kelly on the field. I have to remember to stop diving even if I did stop a Shnider try. I am hurting a lot more than usual…….. but it was an awesome day.

It also makes me feel good to see so many of us stepping up to the new people to teach and show them how to play. We probably all tell them something different and totally confuse them but it is great to see. Thank you people.

Seeing how Many is keeping the sandwich lady all to himself, chef Tige has shown his worth again with a fantastic addition to our Sunday Touch menu with freshly cooked Kosher hot dogs. You have created another tradition. Thank you sir, well done. Our Sundays keep getting better and better.

We are still looking for more people to come and play in Houston on April 25th, everyone is welcome. It is going to be a very competitive day so the more people who come the better it will be. And from what I have heard Houston we be organizing a great night after the game. This is when we need you to step up and be a part of the club, so we can show Houston and the rest of the world we are a strong club. We should be taking two teams. Think about it people. It is such a wonderful day in Houston, great fields, highly competitive touch, lots of games………….. something we all need to experience. Push things aside, rearrange your schedules, what ever you need to do and come and play.

Next week is E’s last week before he leaves for The World Cup, so make sure you come and show your support for E and wish him well. This is a trip of a lifetime with 41 countries attending the World Cup, he is representing America and the Rat Bastards. Be proud people, you people taught him how to play.


All of the photos are found here.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015 – Dallas Reds

The Reds played the Allen Griffins tonight. For those that couldn’t make it, here are a few photos.


All of the photos are found here.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The first Wednesday night touch of the year went well! Lake highlands is back up and running and sported 5 keen touch ruggers who wanted (or needed) a run.

Dodgy, Sheshan, Scott, Dan and myself donned our boots and decided to run a few plays and make the most of our time. We worked on our 5m game and drilled in Flamingos. We looked at some Thirties (three man play) and worked on some push/pull defense. Communication was key in all of these and we improved throughout the evening.

The darkness approached with light rain and we called it a night just before 8PM.

Good luck to everyone on Saturday! I’m sure Hammer would love it if people arrived in the morning (around 10am I think???) to help in setting up. I hope to be there, but will not know until the day.

Always the game,


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Sunday, March 22, 2015

We moved to Norbuck park today due to wet field conditions at Lake Highlands. Even though we moved, we still had 15 people showing.  I was extremely impressed with the level of play I saw today.


All of the photos are found here.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The jury is out. We all prefer playing without the rain/sleet/snow! Today was probably the first Sunday in over a month where we had comfortable temperatures and no precipitation.

Norbuck park provided a great alternative field once again. Apparently it was so good we had two different games playing on the park in two different locations without either games knowing about the other! About 20 people showed up across the field from the police station where we ran three teams and a couple of banger drills. The day started out with the lawn chairs being set up and the sloping field being marked out. I jumped into referring and we played a fairly tight game, albeit a little slower. Coach John came out onto the field and ran us all through bangers again to help us speed up. The game gets a lot tougher when we run with speed, communicate, and keep those bangers flying. E was quick to take advantage of defense being off side although it only happened a few times. Overall we had a lot of fun, a good run, and a good catch up.

Around the corner by the softball fields, the second game was going on. Not much to report on that game other than they probably don’t read the emails which means they probably won’t see this!

While we are talking about the fields, we are hoping to be back at lake highlands ASAP, so hopefully next week. Please check our Facebook page, meetup, or emails for more information.

After the game we went to the Lakehouse for some food, some beverages, and some overdue social time.

Who wants to start playing mid week games? We are hoping to start back up before the summer touch competition. If we can get enough people to commit (12 would be great) then we will run at Lake Highlands at 630pm on Wednesdays. We are going to assume the fields are too wet this week, so let’s aim for our first mid week game on Wednesday 25th March. Please let me know by emailing if you can make it!

Have a great week!

Kind regards,

Kane Cairncross

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