Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday came with what seemed like a cold and wet forecast, only to be pleasantly moderate and dry. We had enough people out for 2 fields of play. The competition was strong with plenty of set plays and open field trickery alike. For the newer players, Dallas Touch is very happy to have you out. Please feel free to ask questions while in play or any time before or after. For the DARC players that came out, we appreciate the comradery and competition. Afterwards, all are welcome to hangout, stretch, enjoy a frosty beverage, and some laughs.

best regards,


Above 2 photos plus 1 of Bernie found here.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

You would never know that Jose’ had major foot surgery not too long ago.

All of the photos are found here.

We had a fantastic day of touch yesterday! The weather definitely cooperated as it gave us hope the spring is just around the corner. It wasn’t long before we had two games going with referees for the majority of the time. We played at a good level of touch with very little offside which made for a quick moving game. I think we all had a good workout. This was evident by the regular, and well deserved, water breaks.

It was great to see some new faces, and, as always, it was great to see the regular faces too. The new faces picked up the game quickly and it seems as though they enjoyed themselves.

During a water break, Hammer reminded everyone about the Houston/Austin games coming up on March 28th and April 25th. We are hosting on March 28th and we would love to know who will be able to make it out on this Saturday. If you can make either of these games, please email so we can organize the teams.

We broke tradition and didn’t end with a first to three game. We all had a good run and the social drinks started instead. A few people went to the Lakehouse to continue the social activities.

We attempted to say goodbye to Christen but we were reminded that she should be out sometime over the next few weekends before the big move to Denver. We will miss her and her great level of touch. Be sure to give her a big goodbye hug next time you see her on the field!

Have a great week everyone, and we’ll see you out on the field!

Kind Regards,

Kane Cairncross

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bill running away from Mindy while at the same time dodging the camera man.


What a weekend!  Congrats to all the of our Pats fans …Christmas came late this year!  Always fun when the game is at least as good as the half time show.  Can’t say that much about my Broncos………sad face…..

What looked to be a complete wash out turned into a full on work out at Norbuck Park.  Lake Highlands and McCree were both totally unplayable and with just a few folks there at 10:00 it seemed an early trip to the Goat was going to be the obvious next choice. Then all of a sudden a whole slew of players looking to get a run in before the big game arrived and we made the quick decision to give Norbuck Park a try.  It turned out to be a good idea.

The grass was in amazing condition. The field at Norbuck has a slight North South pitch to it surrounded by a stand of trees and some shrubs near the road that must help with drainage because it really was in top condition for a Dallas playing surface.  There was a lager hole/dip on one end near the try zone that could cause problems but we tossed a cone on it and everyone was able to avoid it pretty easily.  Kill was even able to “line” a field with his paint can and put a proper x in the middle for restarts.

Once things got started they moved pretty fast. Justin was back out and brought some great pace as he always does . I think Joe threw a successful dummy to every player out there at least once.  Bill and Mindy from Vermont had a great time and Bill, who had never played before, was even able to score a legit try out on the wing.  “Crazy” also known as Mike and his son max showed up a little bit later and got right into the mix stealing one of my passes that led to a try and playing some great defense. Afterward, Greg pointed out the the defense was, on the day, simply amazing and I had to agree.  Nicco had some razzle dazzle to throw out on his way to some scores and everyone was able to dot it down at least once or twice I believe.  Was great creative play with lots of movement away from the ball all day.  My legs are very sore today and it is not just because my wife is back from her business trip.

The trees and the shrubs gave the field some great cover from the wind and would have been the perfect spot for a beer and a cigar after the run but being directly across from the police station we thought we should go to the Lake House instead.  Aaron told the same joke, upon request, a record 6 times and we learned a little bit more about Anne and her professional background.  The beer was cold, the food was good, and the laughs were many. Had my children not chosen to run around the entire restaurant screaming and fighting on the floor we may have stayed all day.   There was a moment of interest when the bills arrived and “taxgate” nearly erupted but calculators came out and cooler heads prevailed.

Thank you again to all who came.  Was a great day with great touch and good friends.

To the money!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Weather created an interesting start to the day. Lake Highlands was flooded. McCree wasn’t much better. However, we found a dry patch of grass over at Norbuck Park at the corner of Northwest Highway and Buckner Blvd.

Because of our transition to different grounds, we got a late start on the day. Even though we didn’t start exactly on time, we did get about 18 people out for the day. We played till about 12:30-12:45 and then retired to the Lake House for beverages.

For those not aware, we posted the change of venue to Twitter, Facebook, and the email list. In the future, if the weather is questionable, check out those sources.


All of the photos are found here.

Anne with a great catch from Joe despite Greg’s intervention.

Greg making his presence know with this rejection of Tige’s pass.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

What a great day! The sun was out, the clouds were few, and the people were plentiful! We started with 12 people out on the field right at 10am which was a compliment to the fine weather. It wasn’t long before we had two fields going and came in with about 35 people who turned out to play some touch.

The first few games were pretty tight thanks to Kill taking the ref position. A few of us took turns refereeing which was good to see. This will put us in a good position for refs come the summer touch competition.

We had a few new people out too which was good to see. Anne was back with a few of her friends, then E bought a few of his mates who were almost just as quick on the field. Needless to say we had some good speed on the field. It was only luck that Jose didn’t come out on the field otherwise we would all be exhausted and probably would finish a little earlier.

Despite the speed, Terry and Joe made an unbeatable team… Well, at least for one play. Joe passed a single handed spiral pass which found it’s way to Terry. Enosh tried to cut back to get Terry, but must’ve felt sorry for the old bugger. The end result was Terry scoring which we all know is a rare event! Joking aside, it was a nice play and needed to be mentioned.

We finished the day as we always do with a first to 3. The fatigue was starting to set in but we all managed to have a great time. Afterwards the brew flowed and the conversations started. It was great to see Struan and Jose stop by to join in the social.

A few notes: the summer touch committee will be having a meeting on Thursday. More details will follow closer to the time. We are still aiming to send a team to nationals in October. Keep this in your calender. We will look at starting training around the summer touch competition.

Have a good week and we’ll see you out next Sunday!



All of the photos are here.

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Sunday, January 18 2015

It’s a new record. We had 30 people out playing touch this past Sunday. Two fields playing simultaneously and we still had subs!

A stellar day of touch was followed by a successful annual general meeting for the club. Lots of new volunteers stepping up to help out the club. I’m very happy to see the enthusiasm. Lets keep the momentum going.


All of the photos are found here.

Superman doesn’t wear a cape, he wears a Dallas Touch jersey!

Jose’ made an appearance. Not playing touch, but he did show up.

What is up with the grins on their faces?

Is that a big smile I see on his face?

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January 4, 2015


How do?

What a great run yesterday!  Brisk was a word that came up a lot.  Holy cow was it cold.  I was nervous that not many people would show up because it was so cold but happily we had a strong 15 or so out to McCree for what turned out to be one of the faster paced better played runs we have had in a minute.

The crowd was a good mix of new and old.  Tea Pot came out and impressed us all with his passing skills and fitness level.  He brought his special lady friend Shelbi who was quick to pick up the game and pose a real threat on the wing with good hands and fast pace outside.  We were all happy to see Anne back in the mix after a week off.  Especially when she kept catching bullets from Nicco to set up good play back towards the middle of the field.  Speaking of Nicco, he and Joe were able to get together on a few phases that truly represented “Champagne” Rugby.  One particular phase saw Nicco give a great quick pass back to a looping Joe who held on to the ball just long enough to freeze the defense so he could flip it out to Struan for the score.  Was the “play of the day” by most accounts. New guy Kevin wasn’t afraid to mix it up and was not half bad at getting back five by the end of the day.  Manny was back out and able to shimmy his way through the defense on a number of occasions to dot it down. Kill of course was there and during a moment where we were both recouping on the side lines it was fun to share a moment discussing how much the consistent number of players showing up has grown along with a much improved over all level of play since he helped start this whole thing years ago.  We also decided that Daniel Schneider should do a better job of being an ambassador to the new female players that come out to the club. However, we did not share our thoughts on the subject with him.   Terry was up to his usual antics and nearly nabbed another interception for a score.  Luckily for us all, Chris Pantera has been out on the regular again after the birth of his daughter.  His on field play can only be matched by his off field comments and Creed impersonations.  We played for quite a bit considering there weren’t very many subs and the pace was pretty quick.  We played to a best of three and then retired to the bleachers for some beverages.

It was too bloody cold to hang out at the park for too long for most.  I did have my cold weather drinking gear with me but since I was going to have people over for food and football and I left after one.  Thank you to the fellas who came over after.  Was great to have some friends stop by for a while and was good to here Kane tell some great pilot stories.  While I did have the Ireland France game on DVR, I never did play it so maybe we will have to do it again next week..



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I really struggled to come up with just a few of my favorite photos from the day. They were all quite good.

All photos are found here.

Dan, it really helps if you actually run.

I would call that a touch.


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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Alright, I’m not going to try and make it seem like it was a comfortable day because it sure was cold! It was about 37 degrees outside but that didn’t deter 7 faithful (or idiotic) players from getting out for a run!

We played a three on four game with the try scorer switching teams. It worked out well but most of us were getting tired pretty quickly. Was it the cold? Were we just unfit? Probably both! But we endured! Chris surprised us with a new move that we need to put in the playbook. Let’s call it the “brake and squat.” It was impressive with Chris shirking to half his size in a squat and ducking down to totally get some around flailing arms.

After a few hot coco/water breaks we decided 2.5hrs of play was long enough and a best to three game begin. Chris looked like a little boy at Christmas when he discovered the team with three could just tap the ball to resume play. The defense was consistently offside which led to the first try. We decided zombies in movies knew geometry and continued to end the game with a 3-2 victory.

Joe arrived just in time with the beverages and a smile on his face. We took a group photo to show all of you slackers that we could still have a great game despite the temperatures!

2014 has been a great year. Let’s see 2015 come with even more touch rugby fun and spirit. See you all next year! We will continue to play at McCree park until about mid January.

Have a great new years celebrations and look after your loved ones!


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