Sunday, October 26, 2014 – Franks Last Day of Touch

I don’t know of anyone generating a writeup this week, so let’s get to the photos.


All of the photos are found here.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014 – Eagles Training Camp

We were more than happy to share the field today.

All 57 photos are found here.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014 – Carrollton

Well, it was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to Frank and Christina. Our hearts were heavy, but the joy and celebrations made the farewell party a successful one.

Our day started with touch in Carrollton and a great crowd came out. We saw some new faces and also some old faces, but the level of touch was great. Our club is always improving and the speed at which we play makes our time go by even faster. We had about 30 people out and were playing with three teams and subs. It was great to see Enosh out after his successful win with Tu Meke at touch nationals. We continued to play until about 1pm when the cries from the sideline shouted “beer o’clock”. Who were we to argue that call?

The farewell party was fantastic. It was a beautiful day outside and the shade of Joe’s trees made the afternoon temperatures very comfortable! The beer flowed like water and the food was as good as the company around it. Once again, we say thank you to Joe for hosting the event. Frank and Christina were given a white Rat Bastards shirts and we all proceeded to put our individual graffiti marks all over them. We hope these shirts remind Frank and Christina of all the good times they had with the Rat Bastards.

To Frank and Christina, we all wish you two the best in your future endeavors.

For the rest of us, don’t forget about Nationals in October next year. We are looking to put a team of about 12 together and would love to know if you’re interested! Also, in late January or early February, we would love to get a team together to go to Phoenix, AZ and play against Tu Meke. These games will reach us a lot and bring our game to the next level. We will discuss more details as the time comes closer.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,

Kane Cairncross

Now on to the photos….

All 105 photos from today are found here.

I believe the last time we played on this field was in 2007.

All 33 photos from February 4, 2007 are found here.



Richard is photo bombing.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

It appears like everyone is hustling…. but one person has their hands on their hips.

Sunday touch continues to get better! We had about 19 people come out through the morning, which included a new face as well as a couple of rugby guys from the summer touch competition. Drew and Scott came out and helped raise our game to a great competitive, but friendly level. Malcolm was the new face around. He is originally from South Africa, but has only been in Dallas for about three months. We hope to see him back next week.

We started slowly with small numbers, but we’re playing six on six by about 1030. I motion to move the official start time back to 1000 with the cooler temperatures. I feel this will fit into everyone’s schedules better. Please communicate if you are on board with this or not.

Our touch game progressed well. The ball was moving about the field and we were dumping and picking the ball up with pace. The four man bangers were effective, especially when the defense lacked the energy to get back onside. This was obviously near the end of our touch time when beer o’clock was right around the corner!

The after run social continued in line with tradition and some good laughs we’re had by all. Joe entertained us with one of his jokes, although I fail to remember what it was about. However, it was a good one! Be on the lookout for more from this comedian.

Jokes aside, we also discussed some more important details. We should be selling t-shirts on Facebook this week to help with raising money for our club. Twitter is also another avenue of social media that we will be looking into. Manny is taking the lead on this; however, if you are also a twitter whizz, please reach out to him with suggestions on making this an effective means of reaching new players.

Dallas Rat Bastards going to nationals in 2015? Let’s make this statement a reality! A few of us have expressed interest in participating in nationals held in Chicago during October. We will need at least 12 people to be competitive so please keep this in mind. A tournament can increase our game and it is a great experience! We can be competitive on a national level!

Along with nationals, we were also discussing local tournaments. We could send a team to Arizona to play Tu Meke early February 2015. These guys won nationals this year and we could all learn from them as they build their USA touch players for the World Cup. A Dallas, Houston, and Austin tournament can also happen either late this year or next year. If you would like to see this happen, please reach out help us make it happen! Volunteers are always welcome and the smallest amount of help is appreciated!

Next week touch is in Carrollton! Don’t forget! Joe will be sending out directions this week. Please join us as we say goodby to Frank and Christina.

Have a great week everyone!

Kind regards,

Kane Cairncross

All of the photos are found here.

Chris making an appearance with his newest family addition.

Just as Chris was leaving, Hammer with his newest addition makes an appearance too.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014 – Different Location

Touch is being played at the normal time. However, this week we are playing in Carrollton. We are having a party afterward at Joe Kelly’s house. We will be playing at the field that is about 500 meters from his house. Everyone is still welcome. If you are new and have been thinking about coming out to play, you are still welcome.



Instruction from Joe:

Parking instructions for pitch:
From Beltline, go North on Perry Rd and take your first left and park.
We’re playing on the field inside the funny shaped track.
You want to park on the East side, otherwise you have to walk all the way around the front of the school.

Parking instructions at my house:
Do NOT park in the driveway!  If someone parks in the driveway, we know they can’t follow instructions and we can make fun of them.
Take the alley off of Walnut Ave.  My neighbors allow us to park in their yard.  I’ll have it marked with cones or something.  You may also park in the alley as long as cars can pass.  If it gets too tight or you are late, then park on the empty lot at the corner of Rosemon and Maryland.  You can park on the street but that gets kind of tight too.

Who is invited?
Everybody!  Wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, babies, significant others, rambunctious children, behaved children, dogs, husbands, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, but not ex-husbands.

What to bring?
Beer and a side dish.  If you have dietary restrictions, bring your own chow.  I’ll be cooking up meat on the grill.  If you want something special on the grill, bring it to share!  I’m just going to have the same greasy artery clogging type of meat you get at every cook out.  Also bring hankies to wipe away the tears of sorrow and heartbreak from Frank and Christina hauling ass out of town to some place that has better beer and worse weather.  We should have enough chairs, but bring an extra for John Griffin so he doesn’t sit in yours!

–Joe Kelly

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

We had over 21 people out today enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

The day began with a little picking up the leaves and branches of a wind swept East Dallas. The storm has taken down some of the beautiful trees that surround us, and sprayed a healthy amount of leaves all over the pitch.

The  run started with 5 on 5, that quickly turned to 6 on 6 with some subs, and by the end of the morning we had two pitches running with a total of over 22 folks in and out.

Chris was his boisterous self running and talking like the chatter bug he is, with only Frank to compete with in listening to themselves narrate the game as it goes.
Greg had his special connection with Justin on a pass that nobody remembers but them, it only got weird when Greg started pinching his nip……won’t continue down that road.

Shaggy and Co. from the Reds joined us, with a late visit by Phil as he pulled up to give us a quick hello before going back on his way. Charle and Lady D were there to grace us with their presence, as you do remember they are our Royal Family, Charlemagne our own King of Beers.

Joe and Terry continue to be their slippery selves, sliding effortlessly through the defense, while the rest of us mortals have to work at it. Aaron, Sri Lanka, Justin, The John Clan, Nate, Frank, Chuck Norris’ stunt double Tige (sporting his o so fashionable gruffy beard look) and more were there to join the fun.

We had a high level of game, lots of good passes, scissors, and overall great running. Kill  began to officiate and helped elevate the game even more. Although Tige was giving him some grief, something about selective sight. Not sure what that was about , but it definitely set off a fair share o heckling with Albano passing the ball to his invisible friend, and other not so memorable plays. Not sure who is harder to catch, Manny or Albano. But today Manny did a more than usual bob and weave that I am still not sure how he got through, as the peanut gallery great-judges-of-outstanding-sideline-rugby began to decide who were the people that would be best to do dummys on due to their permanent ability to pick off balls.

T-shirts continue to sell like hot cakes, with the white version stealing the day. Kane is going to take it upon himself to help set up the online store. Lets all support him as this could be a solid on-going fund-raiser. He is planning on looking into Square, as Kill warned us of the pitfalls of Pay Pal. If anybody has experience in this arena, please reach out to him and give him a hand.

Kane also is going to lead the Wednesday night games, although Terry continues to vote for Friday night game and social. So if you lean one way or the other, these are the proponents of each you need to reach out to and support. We have about three weeks left of evening light that Kane plans to help us take advantage of at Lake Highlands, yet we will soon require a good centric field with flood lights. Glencoe is our default, but it would be great to find one that is not as overused. Anybody with any park ideas please step forward.

As we sat in the shade, polishing off the refreshments provided by Joe and Terry, it was nice to hear Shaggy express how much he enjoyed playing with us, how the order, quality of game, mix of ages and overall environment made it very competitive and very enjoyable. He said something about ages 12 to 60, boys and girls, men and women;some folks took a little offense on the age thing (won’t mention who) but truly, it was cool how he appreciated our Fun Days.

Frank is heading out to the north west toward the end of month, so we should be planning on some kind of farewell piss up between now and then. Maybe a lakeside BBQ before the colder weather slides in.

Again, Great Weather, Great Friends and Great Rugby. I truly enjoyed it today, as always, and look forward to seeing everybody again, sooner than later.



All of the photos are found here.

Terry, are you catching the ball, or throwing it?


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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It was a great run yet again on Sunday.  We welcomed some new faces and missed those that were not able to make it. Terry, I hope you were able to deliver on your promise of a romantic weekend to Tina.  Lord knows she deserves it. The weather was all we could ask for even though it did seem a bit warmer than the 85 degrees that was advertised.  Anna and Tiff showed up again.  Tiff brought her daughter and was happy to watch from the shade and Anna came out for a good run until the pace necessitated a rest in the shade as well.   We had some new fellas arrive to the pitch.  Jared, who is new to the area, gave us a good Coach John impression as he played without shoes for quite a bit.   Viking Andrew, who you might recall from the Thursday night competition, brought his brother along for a good run also.

Young Kalmus Griffin joined us after taking a break due to injury.  He brought some flash golden cleats and the glint from the sun helped him to evade some defenders.  Chris P was quick to point out after one particularly shifty run the Kalmus will never be as a good as his brother.  Chris then threw a wild pass between his legs like a long snapper on a punt team to no one in particular making his argument irrelevant.

Kill showed up with his camera after a nice vacation and left the ref whistle at home.  It was good to have him back a nice to see that the whistle wasn’t required to maintain an acceptable level of play.  Quite a few folks have commented on the pace and overall quality of play that is being diplayed each and every Sunday.  I think you can all give yourselves a nice pat on the back for it and I couldn’t agree more.

We ended up playing till about 12 noon.  The sides appeared to be fairly even.  6 vs. 6 with 3 or more subs for the best part of the day.  With the new folks not quite used to the activity level and some folks taking their time getting ramped up after a period away form the pitch the subs were coming in and out regularly.  We learned that Mullets trump Beards in manliness and tries as Shaggy was able to touch it down on several occasions.

I would love to write a lot more and live up to Kane and Joaquin’s standard but I have to go so I will not get fired.

We need to either makes ome good plans for this Saturday or blow it off.  It is my wife’s birthday and she has agreed to do something fun with all of us.  Her and I are gong out regardless.  We woiuld ove to have you all there or go were you will all be.



It was a warm day.

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