Sunday, December 21, 2014

We’ll be at McCree Park again this Sunday at 9:30am. We’ll be making our return appearance to Lake Highlands on January 4, 2015.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

It was a cold, wet Sunday with some of us running the marathon, some of us working the marathon and we still managed to get 18 people at touch today. We had 4 more newbies, Lee, Cal, Fiona and Morgan. Also great to see Ann back for a second week, and Christen, Tina, E, Dave and Aaron back after a long break. Thanks to everyone for braving the wet weather. Nico set us an extra large field with the tree as part of the sideline so we had plenty of room for a really open game of great touch. We had a lot of fun today in the wet, but I think Greg had the most fun with a few accurate arse touches. I guess the Birthday Boy is allowed to do that.

Speaking of Birthdays……… is Sir Richard’s Birthday as well. Happy Birthday you pair of old bastards.

Cal and Fiona are from NZ and Oz, they are a great fun couple, really enthusiastic on the field, even came to the Lakehouse with us……………………………….. but guys, I am not sure I like this Inter-racial relationship.

Another wonderful Sunday of friends and footy.


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Sunday, December 7, 2014

We had another great day of touch yesterday! The temperature started at 50 degrees, ended at 50 degrees, and therefore averaged 50 degrees. It was a little chilly to start, but we were all running around in our official Dallas Rat Bastards shirts after the first 15 minutes.

It was good to see Stacy and Aiden out again from last week, and we had George and Fred who came out for their first time run! They did a great job picking up the rules and made a healthy addition to the 14 regulars that made it out. To those regulars that thought it was too cold to come out, we missed you! Come out next time! The Meet Up app has been going well in spreading the word. Be sure to sign up for it if you haven’t done already.

We ended the day with a first to 5 game in which the first two tries happened rather fast, at least for us. Terry threw a dummy and it got me good. I hope you didn’t blink when he pulled it because it will be awhile before you see it again! The first to five game resulted in a first to 3 game which was a good run all around.

The beer flowed after our run as it always does. Thanks again to Joe and Terry who continue to provide our after game refreshments.

On the business front, here is a question. Who is a wizz at social media and would like to volunteer in spreading the Dallas Touch word? I may look young with all my wrinkles, but the only social media I know is Facebook. I would love to help organize a few people who are able to volunteer an hour or so a week to maintaining Dallas Touch social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Meet Up, and all those others which you guys and girls know how to use. Contact me if social media is your thing!

Have a great week and we will see you all out this Sunday!

Kind Regards,


All of the photos are found here.

Not in Jim’s house.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Check out all of the photos to see if she catches it.

Great run today at Mcree, a beautiful day with some fabulous and some not so great touch………”it was the wind”. We had about 16 people enjoyed the day with two new ladies from The Yard House, in Addison via Meetup.  Ann and Lindsey played really well, Ann is an ex Rugby player.  Some unknown person gave Ann a RB business card, thank you anonymous, perhaps it was The Shirt??? We played for a good two hours when Jodie, Aidyn and Stacey arrived for a run so we played some more and some more, damm we were all so tired. Stacey really seemed to enjoy herself so I am pretty sure she will be back big time.

Thank you people for the extra effort today. Unfortunately The Shirt was plum tuckered out after his turkey trot and did not make an appearance today. Charl is organising a BBQ at Mcree within the next couple of weeks so keep it in mind, bring the family and we can all have a great time. Perhaps Paul can get a few snags from Woolies, or Joe can bring his Boudain sausages, Hammer can bring Kosher hot dogs and some buns, make it simple and have a Christmas get together. Onya Charl. We have lots happening with our marketing and preparations for next year, so if you have some spare time to do stuff for us, please, please let us know.


All of the photos are found here.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this guy.

James doesn’t have a chance at getting around Terry’s defense.

I retract my previous statement.

Charl, are you on offense or defense?

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Turkey Trot – Thursday, November 27, 2014

It was a crisply chilly morning with throngs of all kinds of people, families, strollers, dogs, and turkey suits, all converging in downtown Dallas.  The vast majority of “other” shirts were the long sleeve cotton shirts with Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot printed over the top of some ridiculous cartoon of a turkey.  The Shirt was not impressed.

Somehow The Shirt managed to sneak up towards the front to try and beat the horizontal rows of gabbing walking women, the walkers with double and triple wide strollers which has one wondering how the heck they got in front of the actual runners, and the packs of out of control dogs on 8 foot leashes that trip and knock over every old lady or child within their leash radius, and the huge stinking mess that they leave behind that has people slipping, falling and retching, or has their owners stopped dead in the middle of the course trying to clean it up while hundreds of people literally run up their butts and mount them doggy style.   The Shirt was glad he was not a shoe.

After a few miles, the course started to sort it’s self out. It seemed to widen and more room was available to allow others to pass, much to the dismay of The Shirt.  There were live bands playing on some corners.  One was an all girl band with a saxophone player.  Girls playing the saxophone, hmmm, that was on The Shirt’s bucket list at one time.  The thought kept him distracted for about a mile and a half.

The Shirt was extremely proud and simultaneously embarrassed. He was hugely cognizant of his visibility and the millions of people passing him on the course.  All that exposure, running slowly enough to allow seemingly every other shirt in the turkey trot to see him as they passed The Shirt.  The running pace of The Shirt permitted advertisement goals to be abundantly surpassed, but at the expense of pride.  So many people ran by The Shirt.  First there were the little girls, then their older sisters, then their moms, and finally their grandmothers.  Even an old lady with an aluminum walker managed to bump The Shirt out of the way.  The Shirt did pass one other shirt, but he had a cast on his leg.  And maybe another, but he could have been a street person urinating on a sign post.  He saw a sign that said “Go Tess!”  which made him wonder who Tess was and if she had been by yet.  Probably not, because why would they wave the sign if she had already come by.  It also made the shirt wonder if there was going to be a “Go you Dallas Rat Bastard Shirt!” sign too.  Probably not.

The shirt eventually did finish the run and staggered down the hill to see the other Dallas Rat Bastard shirts.  Alas, there were none.  Kill was there, as well as a few of the local runners and bikers that cruise White Rock Lake and stop by after Sunday Touch for a refreshment.  Kill may have been wearing his shirt but it was hidden under a much nicer sweater.  The Shirt could not be angry.

As Kill and The Shirt solved world problems over a few refreshments, one of the course directors brought over a drone and buzzed the graveyard and the living dead congregating.  It was pretty slick, taking videos from above and coming down to head level, for close up face shots, interviews and haircuts.

As happens with all good things, the cops busted it up.  A heavy, uniformed DPD lady with a bad wig came over and told us to disperse, they had to clear out the place.  It made no sense to all present, because the Turkey Trot graveyard congregation had been a tradition for over 25 years.  Kill, in his usual stance of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance, questioned the cop to determine under whose direction came the order.  It turned out it was the trash clean up guy who told his crew to “clean up that area”.  Too late, buzz kill.  People had split.  Off to eat turkey, take naps and watch football.

–The Shirt

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

So we had a great run on Sunday.  The weather was fantastic and the field at McCree was in great condition.  The fellas who laid out the cones did a great job of giving us some good space and by all accounts it was a good day.  Joe and Aaron told some good jokes.  Kill had some good insight on penalties and how they should be called.  There was also a bottle of Irish whiskey floating around that did us all some good.  Nate has learned the value of, “My wife is pregnant”, as an answer to any question regarding personal action of any kind.  We also learned that Malcolm is much faster then me, although that is not news I guess.


The Dallas Red’s are going to give the Lake Highland’s pitch some some well needed TLC and in and effort to do our part and be courteous to a great group of folks we are asking all touch matches be held at McCree until after the first of the year.  ( we need to adjust the Meet Up to reflect this.  Volunteers to do that?)

We ARE PLANNING TO RUN THIS SUNDAY.  The sun does not stop shinning and touch does not end during the holidays weather allowing.  Please feel free to share what you are grateful for and get us all in the mood for turkey and whiskey.

Speaking of turkey, don’t forget the TURKEY trot is this Thursday.  I know a few of us are in the race.  Me and the fam are walking it.  Meet at the Graveyard at the end for a bit of socializing.  Joe and his has crew will be there.  Be advised that Terry thinks those people are weird.

Also,  Kill had a great idea for the DRB’s working an aid station for the White Rock Marathon.  Raise your hand if you are interested.

Finally, wanted to remind everybody about the AGM scheduled for January 18th after touch at lake Highlands.  If anyone has any ideas for a different time or venue please share otherwise please plan to attend. We are all hoping that Tory will bring some sandwiches.   If you have any suggestions or requests for the agenda of the meeting please respond and we can add reasonable requests to the docket.

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Dallas Douche,


Special thanks to Tim for wearing the “keep Dallas Douche” shirt to the run.  I am still laughing about it.

All of the photos are found here.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stellar weather today. I don’t know how you could have been anywhere else other than outside at touch today. We had an active 25 people playing spanning 2 fields at times. We even made a trip to a small Cuban restaurant nearby at the conclusion of the field activities.

See everyone next week. Keep in mind that the weather is supposed to be less than ideal next week.


All 65 photos are found here.

This was Tim’s first day out play with us.

Joaquin made an appearance all the way from Miami.

Even though Hammer was not having his best day, we were still glad to see him out.

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