State of the Union

Hopefully, this is the first of a tradition.


Now, let’s hear what Tige has to say…

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Blast from the Past

I found some photos from 2011 when Dallas went to Houston for some touch rugby. These photos are unprocessed. They are as they came out of the camera.

All of the photos are here.



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The Rat Bastards of Dallas Touch cordially invite your club to join our first annual summer Touch Rugby competition. Our aim is to introduce the Rugby Clubs of Dallas to FIT Touch football, keeping your players together, fit and active during the summer months, with a very social, but very competitive Touch competition. We are not trying to compete with the regular Rugby or the Sevens competitions.

We will be playing at Lake Highlands, beginning at 7:00pm 6/17/2014 Tuesday for a fun run/practice and the competition starting at 7:00pm Thursday 6/19/2014 and running for six weeks (no game on 7/3/2014) with the winning team to receive a $500 bar tab. Games will be refereed in accordance with International FIT rules (see page 2) which includes a one hand touch.

We are asking that your players register with us for $10 per player, in teams of at least 10 max 12 per game, with two players from each team willing to become referees over time. Wives, girlfriends, sons and daughters are most welcome. Games are played with 6 a side, with unlimited substitutions. We will run the competition for six weeks to gauge interest and commitment and will continue to run if the interest is there. The games will be 12 minute halves with 5 minute break at half time. We are asking that your Club officials and Coaches support us in our venture, and know that it will be of great benefit to the Dallas Rugby Community.

We would like a reply by 6/14/2014. With your support we will make this an enjoyable annual event.

Tige Bailey

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

I know I’m a little slow with this post…. I’ve been a little busy.

Let’s start off with a little training series. The first 3 photos are an example of what not to do to when attempting to score a try.

Kane is heading toward the cone which is the try line.


That’s not an optical illusion. Kane is straddling the cone on the try line.

I don’t have the photo to prove it, but Kane stepped out of bounds before he put the ball down. This is not a try.

Now on to a few more photos from Sunday.

They aren’t on the same team.

The wind up….


See everyone soon.


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Rugby – Reds vs NOLA

For those that couldn’t make it out to see the USA Rugby round of 8 in Las Colinas, here is a taste of what you missed.

See everyone at touch!


That is the last score of the season for the Dallas Reds.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014 – Houston Tournament I

I finally got the photos processed from Saturday. Here is just a few to quench your thirst. More to come shortly.

There is lots of video to come too. Stay tuned.


This is everyone from Dallas that made the trip.

Kane isn’t the only person that flies.

For those that don’t him, that is Kane on the right.

It was a good day!

A little bit of pre-game education.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014 – Teaser

We had a great trip to Houston. Some of the best touch I have ever seen Dallas play. Congratulations to everyone.

Below are just two of the photos from Saturday with more to come. I didn’t have a chance to take that many. We played 5 games and I officiated 2 games. That didn’t leave much time to do much photo taking.

However, we do have a lot of video from the weekend. Of the 5 games Dallas played, we have video from the last two. Those will be coming out shortly. (I have about 5 hours of footage to go through.)

Hopefully, a more thorough write-up is soon to follow.


Those are some exceptional ribs you are seeing people devour.

This is the final game of the day that Christen and Enosh are watching.

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